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example letter - on behalf of Dr. S

Subject: example letter - on behalf of Dr. Saw Mra Aung

Senior General Than Shwe
Chairman, State Peace and Development Council
c/o Ministry of Defence
Signal Pagoda Road, Yangon (Rangoon)
Myanmar (Birma)
Fax: + 95 1 222950

Dear General,

Please allow me to draw your attention to the following.

Dr Saw Mra Aung, aged 81, has spent nine months in detention in a
government 'guest house' outside Yangon. He was arrested in September 1998,
after being appointed chairman of a symbolic People's Assembly then being
planned by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Some 220 NLD activists, including more
than sixty members of parliament, were also arrested.

Dr Saw Mra Aung was elected to parliament in 1990 as the Chair of the
Arakan League for Democracy. He has never taken up his parliamentary seat;
the military government has refused to convene the People's Assembly ever
since the elections.

I believe that Dr Saw Mra Aung's detention is politically motivated and
therefore consider him a prisoner of conscience. I am also particularly
concerned about the state of Dr Saw Mra Aung's health.

I respectfully call for Dr Saw Mra Aung to be immediately and
unconditionally released, and to be given immediate access to appropriate
medical treatment. 

I place my trust in your good will and sense of justice.

Yours respectfully,
(name, address, city)