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CRPP Nptification 38 (translation)

Committee representing members of People's Parliament elected in the 1990 
multi-party general elections (Committee representing People's Parliament)

NOTIFICATION 38( 6/99) (translation)

1.  The National League for Democracy, a duly registered and legally
constituted political organisation has the legal right to discharge its
political duties. In the May 1990 multiparty general elections, the
people overwhelmingly showed their support for the League by electing
NLD candidates as their Hluttaw representatives.  Their positions were
duly published in the nation's gazette, hence they have been
acknowledged as legal Pyithu Hluttaw representatives.

2.  As long as the Pyithu Hluttaw is not established, no individual, or
group of individuals, or organisation has the right or authority to
remove any representative through orchestrated demonstrations or in any
way signify or cause the electorate to signify non-support by any means
whatsoever whether it be by use of force, intimidation etc. Pyithu
Hluttaw representatives cannot on their own volition relinquish their
duties except in accordance with law.  Only the Pyithu Hluttaw can expel
a Hluttaw representative or grant permission to resign as prescribed by

3. The orchestration of demonstrations by individuals or organisations
signifying non- support or loss of confidence against a legally elected
Pyithu Hluttaw representative is against all international norms and
practices.  It contravenes the Myanmar Registration of Political Parties
law and Pyithu Hluttaw Elections law. It destroys the concept of the
rule of law. It is an abuse of authority by the lawmakers who are
transgressing the laws they have decreed.

4. These are matters that should never happen in a country because it
undermines the national character and is counterproductive marking a
very dark period in our history. Such activities will do nothing for
national reconciliation of for unity among the nationalities. Grave
consideration should be given to this fact.

5.  Turning its back on the grave repercussions of such activities, the
authorities are in the process of employing a group of people to
orchestrate such demonstrations against NLD Hluttaw representatives.

6.  Present information is that preparations for a demonstration against
U Win Myint, Hluttaw parliamentarian elect (Irrawaddy division,
Da-nu-byu township, constituency 1)  are being put in place. The number
of valid votes received by him at the polls was 20388 (55.57%).

7.  Preparations for that shouting demonstration that is being forced
upon the people are as follows:-
(a) The authorities of the administrative unit of Sa-Ka-Gyi village met with 
U Soe Win, the Secretary of the Union Solidarity and Development Association 
(USDA) and his group on the 2 June 1999 at a site in the vicinity of the 
administration office. Instructions were given that the USDA members should 
visit every house in the area to get their
signatures to be presented at the staged shouting demonstrations.
(b) Information received is that on 3 June, one U Win Ko and his group from 
Let-swe-kyaung village tract which is within the jurisdiction of Sa-Ka-Gyi 
participated in this field work.
(c) On the same day (3 June, 1999) in the village tract of Taunggyi
(Tha-byu administrative unit), U Tin Cho (authority chairman), an
executive committee member of the USDO (name unknown) and U Aung Nyunt of 
National Unity Party (NUP) party were joined by heads of ten house group and 
one hundred house group in forcing 18 year olds and above to sign prepared 
(d) On 6 June 1999, all 18 year olds and above were forced to put their 
signatures to prepared forms in the villages under the jurisdiction of
the administrative unit of San-kin by members of the USDO.
(e) On 6 June 1999, the villagers residing in the Tha-byu village tract had 
to assemble in the village library and were threatened to signify
their non-support for U Win Myint, Hluttaw representative elect by
signing prepared forms. They were warned that non-compliance would
result in grave consequences for which they would have themselves to
blame.  The organisers of this exercise were U Kyaw Win (authority
chairman), U San Aung (USDO member), U Tun Nyunt (one hundred-house leader), 
U Aye Maung and U Mya Soe.
(f) In Tee-kwe village tract which is not part of U Win Myint's
electorate, one U Aung Ngwe of the Ta-Sa-Nya party and one Ko Ne Win
(USDA leader) collected the household lists and made the villagers
assemble at the Buddhist monastery where they were forced to sign
prepared forms.

8.  The Pyithu Hluttaw Election law contains no provision for such use
of excessive authority, of misrepresentation and intimidation to
undermine, disparage and extinguish the position of Pyithu Hluttaw

9.  Orgainsers, participants and aides and abettors of such lawless
activities are contravening provisions of the Penal Code, 1950 Emergency
Provisions Act, and Law 5/96.  We vehemently denounce such activities.

Committee representing People?s Parliament

28 June 1999.

(Responsibility for distribution and publication is taken by the NLD).

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