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[burmanet2-l] CRPP, French Parliame

Subject: Re: [burmanet2-l] CRPP, French Parliament & TOTAL

In the interest of fairness, let me add this most relevant clipping...

In all fairness, let me add this from the magazine « EDJ » which quotes
one of your signatories, the Ambassador at Large, the Rt. Hon. Hessel : 

"We must therefore conclude that if ther Europeans, especially the
French, began a boycott of TOTAL, the pressure on the junte would become

Ambassador Hessel ("Our Indignation must be expressed ") urges the
French to stop sitting on the fence and playing the deadly game of
supporting both Suu Kyi and Slorc. "By placing ourselves unambiguously
on the side of Aung San Suu Kyi, we would restore a degree of
credibility to the reputation of France."

We live in the virtual age where anything is possible, anything can be
manipulated, and generals wear white gloves over dirty souls, hand in
hand with the politicians who help and encourage them. Like he says, 
the credibility and reputation of France is at stake in all this
play-acting for real dollars at the cost of real human lives...ds

Dawn Star wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> As I have said for years now, supporting democracy in Burma while
> supporting TOTAL and the dictatorship in Burma are two inconsistent and
> incompatible tactics of a single strategy, to get away with murder and
> reap in the profits. And that is what the French government and its
> ministers are doing. Yes, the former president of France, Francois
> Mitterand never visited Burma. But Ne Win certainly has his friends here
> and throughout Europe. Four years ago Jack Lang, admirably responded to
> our appeal, at Euro-Burma to send a personal message of support to Aung
> San Suu Kyi, during the December 1995 crisis. I believe he is a true and
> faithful supporter. Let us hope he will be able to shake the rock of
> state of the French V Republic and do something good for the Burmese
> democracy movement. But until TOTAL gets serious about the sort of firm
> message from former Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy and the Socialist
> International, and the European Parliament's July 16 resolution

> "inviting" TOTAL to "freeze" its investiments and virtuall withdraw its
> support of the dictatorship, supporting the CRRP will be a positive but
> small compensation under the heel of TOTAL & CO.'s almighty disregard
> for human rights. Sure, they say they will follow the french government,
> okay, and follow the political decisions of the French government. So
> this is what is needed, not only recognition of the CRRP, but adherence
> to Aung San Suu Kyi's insistent appeal, for the French oil and gas
> company, and for the French government, to stop investing in Burma at
> this time, until democracy comes.
> No one following closely the movement here in Paris and in Rangoon will
> be fooled by a french initiative that does not force TOTAL out of Burma.
> Perhaps recognition of the CRPP will bring further political pressure on
> the junta, but it hardly will force them out of their entrenched
> position of power. Not if we accept the reality of what has happened in
> the last ten years.
> Nothing but a full international boycott of all economic investment
> supporting the dictatorship, hand in hand with support of the CRPP, will
> force either the french, or their proxy military clients in Rangoon, to
> see the way of reason and compassion and truth in Burma.
> Euro-Burma welcomes this latest intiative on the part of Jack Lang. But
> he needs to see that economic support of the dictatorship in
> inconsistent and incompatible with supporting both the democratic call
> for reconcilation and dialogue, which they have done all along, and
> bankrolling the bankrupt dictators.
> One really has to wonder why the ministers and the political class here
> is so stymied and tight-lipped about criticizing what is now virtually a
> full-fledged multinational oil and gas company, ranked fifth in the
> world, and subject to the same pressures as any other energy
> conglomerate, irregardless of TOTAL's invested stake in France's nuclear
> future.
> Even Francois Holland signed last November's Socialist International
> Declaration and Resolution on Burma condemning TOTAL. But since then we
> have seen no concrete measures to turn hard the helm of state in the
> right direction and on the right course.
> Dawn Star
> info-birmanie wrote:
> >
> > INFO BIRMANIE received yesterday,  from the French Parliament, a
> > letter written by the Chairman of the Commission of Foreign Affairs.
> > Here is its (unofficial) translation. The Comité de soutien à Aung San
> > Suu kyi has been formed by NGOs (as Info Birmanie, France Libertés -
> > Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, Association Femmes et Développement,
> > ICRA International, Enfance & Partage, Alliance des Femmes pour la
> > Démocratie...) and personnalities (U Aung Ko, Ms Antoinette Fouque
> > EuroMP, Mr. Noël Mamère MP, Mr. Jean Paul Durieux MP, Mr. Israel
> > Halperin secretary of Campaigns for human rights CHR, Miss Christiane
> > Besse editor, Mr. Daniel Cattelain film director, Ms Martine Meffre
> > pianist, ambassador Stephane Hessel...).
> >
> > ********************************
> > Unofficial translation

> >
> >
> > The Chairman of the Foreign affairs commission
> >
> > Paris, June 21th, 1999
> >
> > To M. Hubert VEDRINE, Foreign affairs Minister of France
> >
> > Dear Hubert.
> >
> > The Comité de soutien à Aung San Suu Kyi contacted me on the matter of
> > the present  political deadlock in Burma, in spite of the readiness of
> > the NLD to begin a political dialogue.
> >
> > Consequently, I am preparing to engage the French Parliament in an
> > action supporting the Burmese democrats, following the example of the
> > European, Swedish, Norvegian and Belgian Parliaments.
> >
> > Could you please let me know your reaction and your commentaries. What
> > is the state about present diplomatic contacts between France and the
> > Burmese Junta ?
> >
> > Dear Hubert
> > ...
> > Best regards
> > ...
> >
> > Jack LANG
> >
> > **************
> > FRENCH PARLIAMENT  The Chairman of the Foreign affairs commission
> >
> > Paris, June 21th, 1999
> >
> > To Farid GHEHIOUECHE (Info Birmanie) and Alan DELEFLIE (France
> > Libertés - Fondation
> > Danièlle MITTERRAND)
> > Comittee supporting Aung San Suu Kyi 14, passage Dubail  75010 Paris
> >
> > Dear Sirs.
> >
> > I received your letter dated may 20th ; thank you for this. I am happy
> > of the success of your intiative to create a Comity supporting Aung
> > San Suu Kyi.
> >
> > The present situation in Burma preoccupies me a grat deal and I have
> > decided to give a positive answer to your legitimate appeal : the
> > involvement of the French National Assemblee in an action supporting
> > the Burmese democrats.
> >
> > I refered to the Foreign affairs Minister of this important matter, in
> > a letter you will find enclosed.
> >
> > Dear Sirs.  Best regards.. .
> >
> > Jack LANG