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money landering Khin Nyunt style

please correct me if i am wrong but it has been reported and uncontested
that burma banking laws permit no questions money laundering with a 25
per cent cut to the state bank off the top, and no questions about the
origin of the money. there you go, up and away into the world money
supply, and spdc slorc coiffers.


Rangoon Post Co-Editor wrote:
> (During the Start of the ASEAN conference in Burma)
> "There are stringent regulations against money laundering
> and, therefore, allegations against Myanmar of such
> practices are completely without basis," Gen Khin Nyunt said.
> NOTE: Just because there are laws (or so-claimed that there are laws)
> does not mean it does not happen!
> Khin Nyunt, nonetheless, conceded that money laundering
> and trafficking of women, drugs and arms were threats to
> regional stability and urged the 10-member group to come up
> with measures to combat illegal activities.