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Singapore Successes for Marconi Com

Subject: Singapore Successes for Marconi Communications

Singapore Successes for Marconi Communications


               CLEVELAND, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Contracts topping
               $47 million to help prepare Singapore for the
               communications "data wave" were announced today by
               Marconi Communications, along with plans to create a
               Singapore-based regional center for sales and support
               operations. "Data wave" is the term given to the dramatic
               in demand placed on telecommunications networks by new
               services, particularly the explosive growth of the

               These contracts follow the announcement by Marconi
               Communications last week of another major international
               contract to provide a communications transmission and
               management system for the Russian city of Ekaterinburg,
               traditional gateway between Europe and Asia. 

               In Singapore, Marconi Communications will supply its
               world-leading SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy)
               transmission equipment to help Singapore
               Telecommunications (SingTel) expand its network. The new
               equipment for the SingTel network comprises ADM-1,
               ADM-4 and ADM-16 multiplexers and their STM equivalents.
               The turnkey project involves the installation of a
network of
               STM-16 (2.5 Gbit/s) rings. Marconi Communications has
               delivered a total network for SingTel's international
               which includes a link to the SEA-ME-WE3 undersea
               fiber-optic cable currently under construction -- the
               most complex fiber-optic system of its type in the world.
               cable, which stretches from Europe and the Middle East to
               Singapore, will eventually extend for 18,600 miles and
will be
               able to carry 500,000 simultaneous telephone calls. 

               "This project gave us the opportunity to once again prove
               our strengths in SDH development and deployment," said
               Kevan Perrins, Marconi Communications' regional director
               for Singapore and South East Asia. 

               Marconi Communications also announced that it had
               successfully installed network management systems for
               national and international network centers in Singapore.
               both cases, installation and commissioning were carried
               by Marconi Communications engineers. 

               The announcements came at the opening of the
               CommunicAsia trade exhibition in Singapore. Marconi
               Communications took the opportunity to unveil Marconi
               Communications Singapore Private Limited, a new regional
               base for installation, sales and support activity
               the ASEAN group of countries (Brunei; Cambodia;
               Laos; Malaysia; Myanmar, formerly called Burma; the
               Philippines; Singapore; Thailand and Vietnam). 

               This further commitment to the region follows similar
               expansion recently by Marconi Communications in
               South Africa and the United States. Mr. Perrins said it
was a
               major step forward for the company. 

               "We are now able to provide more focused customer service
               and support from within the region, and we anticipate our
               new presence in Singapore will provide a springboard for
               of our activities in this part of the world," he said.
"It is also
               an opportunity to further nurture local expertise,
notably for
               supply logistics and installation work and customer

               Marconi Communications is a world leader in smart
               broadband transmission and network integration --
               and delivering communications systems to more than 140
               countries. With the recent acquisition of RELTEC
               Corporation, Marconi Communications now has a leading
               position within the North American access network,
               data, video and telephony systems and services for the
               mile" of the communications network. Marconi
               Communications is wholly owned by The General Electric
               Company, p.l.c. (GEC) of the United Kingdom, a global
               manufacturer of intelligent electronic systems.