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NOTICE: Nigerian Actions




The Chikoko Movement, a Pan Niger Delta Resistant Movement including
activists organisations from each of the resisting ethnic nationalities
in the Niger Delta region boldly associated itself with the programme
and activities of the International Day of Action against Corporate
Rule and Imperialism which comes up Friday, June 18, 1999.

The event will feature marches, rallies, demonstrations, street
occupations, sit-ins across major cities of the world.  The Chikoko
Movement, in conjunction with several other organisations is
coordinating the events in Nigeria. In Nigeria, the event, tagged
"Carnival of the Oppressed" will involve street processions (Ogele),
rallies and blockade of Shell's offices in Port Harcourt.

The Day of Action is planned to focus attention of the worlds oppressed
masses, classes and nationalities on the real causes of their plight,
this being the vagaries, insatiable greed and brutal exploitation of
man and nature which characterise the world capitalist economy.

Imperialism, which today presents as "globalisation" and corporate
rule, is directly responsible for our miseries, for the privatisation,
commercialisation, retrenchments, and rationalisation programmes being
implemented by the regimes of different countries.  And those policies
combine to play havoc on our existence.  This is why a Day of Action to
focus attention on activities aimed at promoting the solidarity of
exploited peoples of the world and the transformation of our world in
favour of the world's impoverished masses deserve the support of all.

The Chikoko Movement thus calls on all Freedom loving peoples to give
their active support to the Day of Action. More fundamentally, we call
on the exploited masses of the world to unite against our common

Oronto Douglas
Kingsley Kpea

(For the Coordinating Council)