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NEWS - Russian Duma Holds NATO's So

Subject: NEWS - Russian Duma Holds NATO's Solana Responsible for War Crime

Russian Duma Holds Solana Responsible for War Crime


               MOSCOW (June 17) XINHUA - The Russian State
               Duma on Thursday unanimously approved a
               resolution "on the need to hold NATO
               Secretary-General Javier Solana responsible for
               being the organizer of the NATO aggression against

               Deputy speaker Sergei Baburin (Popular Rule), who
               presented the resolution to the lower house of
               parliament, said it had been drafted by the
               anti-NATO commission that unites members from all
               parliamentary groups. 

               The resolution said that deputies have brought up
               the criminal nature of the NATO aggression many

               "Top officials from NATO and primarily NATO
               Secretary-General Solana, who decided on the
               commencement of hostilities against Yugoslavia,
               committed a war crime and should be punished for
               crimes against humanity committed during the
               aggression," the resolution said. 

               The Duma will forward the resolution to President
               Boris Yeltsin and Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin