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NLD Statement 70 (r)

National League for Democracy
No:(97/B), West Shwegondine Road
Bahan Township, Bahan

STATEMENT 70 (6/99)(translation)

1. Information received is that the military have illegally given orders
to villagers from Pan-khoo, Mu-le and Hair-tha in Sagaing Division,
Pin-le-bu township to chop down bamboo trees.  Those who could not do
the job themselves had to provide substitute labourers or purchase and
deliver the bamboo at the military depot in Wuntho. Private motor
vehicles commandeered by the military without payment were used to
transport the bamboo which was then sold outside.

2.  Every household in Pin-le-bu town was required to pay Kyats 100/-
for the construction of a pagoda by Wuntho town power-holders.  Owners
of cars and trucks had to provide transport free of charge or pay a sum
of Kyats 32,500/- is the information that has come to us.

3.  In the township of Pin-le-bu, pumps are used to draw out water from
the creeks by gold panners.  Now, the township PDC has demanded 2 ticals
of gold free of charge from them. Failure to pay the demand results in
confiscation of the water pumps and other actions.

4.  Another piece of information is that on the pretext that a bridge
was to be built, a clerk from Pin-le-bu township PDC obtained free of
charge labour for felling trees, buffaloes for transporting the timber
and timber planks which were then sold and appropriated for his own use.

5 Businesses suffered due to crop failure from drought in 1998. However
the Department of Trade demanded compulsory sale of 11 baskets per acre
which was the greatest strain for the cultivators in the present
economic climate of inflation and high living costs. Presently a new
charge of Kyats one hundred per household for lessons in Union
Solidarity and Development has to be met.  Over and above all these
burdens new charges for bridge building, pagoda construction, road
building, lighting charges, municipal charges, township PDC charges etc.
are constantly demanded and the residents of Pin-le-bu village are
miserable both physically and spiritually.

6.  Therefore the above illegal activities that are happening in
Pin-le-bu village should be stopped and action taken against those
individuals perpetrating these injustices.  We denounce these

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

3 June 1999

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