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In memory of Saya Maung Thaw Ka

Dear friends,

Today is the 8th anniversary of the death of Saya Maung Thaw Ka.  To pay my
respects, I want to launch my home page today, dedicated to him.

Please visit My Page and read Saya's five deeply touching poems, written in
prison shortly before he died.  (The poems were collected from The New Era
Journal No.11, June 16, 1993).

Early in the 1980s, in one of his articles , he wrote that " Poems can
change blood and tears to ink."    I believe that these five poems were
written in blood.

Also on My Page, you will find almost all NLD Statements and CRPP
Notifications.  I will regularly update this portion when new Statements and
Notifications are issued.

So on this 8th anniversary of Saya Maung Thaw Ka's death, welcome to my home
page.  The address is:



Hlaing Oo