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POSTED 1-MAR-99, 6:00AM

Dr U Ne Oo
18 Shannon Place
Adelaide SA 5000

1st March 1999.

Daniela Napoli
Chief, Human Rights Unit
European Commission
Rue de la Loi 200
B-1049 Brussels, BELGIUM.
(FACSIMILE NUMBER=(+32-2)295-7850)

Dear Mrs Napoli:

re: The ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting in Berlin

Thank you for your letter of 29 October 1998 informing the member states
of European Union have extended a stringent visa ban on the officials of
Burmese military junta. I, along with numerous others who striving to
achieve democracy in Burma have been uplifted by the European Union
taking such a strong position against the junta. We, the oppressed
people of Burma, are very grateful to the European Union for the firm
stand taken on participation of Burma at the ASEAN-EU Joint Co-operation
Committee meeting in Bangkok last January.

I believe the continued boycott by member States of European Union on
the participation of Burmese military government at the forthcoming
ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting in Berlin is justified, provided that State
Peace and Development Council(SPDC) take no significant step to improve
human rights situation in Burma. As you are aware, the Burmese military
junta since last September have continue detaining the representatives
elected to the Peoples' Parliament. Furthermore, the SPDC appointed
minister for Foreign Affairs U Win Aung is not a legitimate
representative for Burma. In this connection, I call your attention to
my enclosed communi-cations to the President of UN General Assembly on
September 21 and, to the UN Secretary-General on October 17 last year.

There have been concerns raised from certain quarters that the
continuing dispute over human rights in Burma may cause some strain in
the relation between European Union and the rest of member States of
ASEAN. In case of the impasse over Burma continues, which is quite
likely, the European Union should make use of the alternative forums for
communication, such as ASEM, being available to the rest of member
states of ASEAN. On the event of an EU-ASEAN meeting in Berlin is taking
place and a formal representation for Burma as a country being required,
the European Union should allow only the Burma's Ambassador to the
Federal Republic of Germany to take part in that meeting.

 In closing, I express my sincere thanks to European Commission for your
continuing support to the causes of democracy and human rights in Burma.

Yours respectfully
Sd. U Ne Oo.
EMAILS: drunoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx, uneoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
POSTMAIL: Dr U Ne Oo, 18 Shannon Place, Adelaide SA 5000, AUSTRALIA

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