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CRPP's Notification 10

Committee representing members of People's Parliament elected in the 
1990 multi-party general elections (Committee representing People's 

Notification No 10(2/99)

Note- (addendum to Notifications 9(2/99) dated 17 February 1999)

1.	To keep the public informed we publish the responses that have 
reached us relating to the tactics used to assemble the people 
unlawfully on the 7 February, 1999 for the purpose of denouncing U Lun 
Tin , member of the NLD, elected representative of Mon State, Moulmein 
Township, Constituency No:1.
xxxxx The people attended the meeting because they were forced to. It 
was entirely aganst their wishes. Most of the residents of the towns did 
not attend but the villagers attended mostly out of fear.

xxxxx Teachers were instructed to relinquish their duties if they failed 
to attend xxxxx meaning that they would be sacked xxxxx as instructed 
from the top.

xxxxx To be made to denounce an innocent man like U Lun Tin with fists 
and outstretched hands was very embarrassing and distressing.

xxxxx Forgiveness is sought from U Lun Tin and the 10 members of the NLD 

xxxxx Our prayer is that the ten committee members including Aunty Su 
and U Lun Tin reach the victory post of democracy as soon as possible.

xxxxx  When U Lun Tin was elected we gave our votes freely according to 
our own desires.

xxxxx  What happened on the 7 February 1999 was a conspiracy.

xxxxx  For all to know we make this report about the government's brazen 
deceitfulness, lies, unlawful and menacing tactics.

xxxxx  Like dacoits and bandits they have struck terror in the hearts of 
the    people to squeeze out one ballot- we have all combined and join 
together  in placing these facts before you.

xxxxx The authorities asked us for our household lists (census) and 
collected them at midnight. Only on the next day we were told to collect 

xxxxx Then when we went to collect them we were forced to sign.

xxxxx We students(boys and girls) disapprove of the activities of the 
present government.
xxxxx Their words and actions are very discriminatory and unfair.

xxxxx When we speak the truth we are arrested and tortured.

xxxxx They claim that the country is progressing economically, socially 
and educationally. Far from progressing, the cost of living is rising 
and everything is getting more difficult.

Committee Representing People's Parliament

18 February 1999

(Responsibility for this publication is taken by the National League for 

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