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Chin National Day In New Delhi

Chin National Day in New Delhi.
51st anniversary of Chin National day was celebrated in Maharaja banquet,
Asalat Pur, New Delhi, on 20th February, at 11:00 AM. About 400 people
attended this occasion. Shri L. Keivom , Joint secretary of Ministry of
External Affairs ( Former first Secretary of  Indian Embassy in Rangoon,
in 1988 ) is the chief guest. Dr. Tint Swe ( NCGUB minister for south
Asian affairs) , U Tha Noe ( NCGUB minister for social welfare ), U Bo
Thaung ( MP ,NLD ,exiled in India ) and Leaders and members of all
democratic forces in India, delegates from Manipur and Mizoram attended
the occasion.
Arakan Liberation Party ( ALP ), All Burma Student's Democratic Front (
ABSDF ), National League for Democracy / Liberated Area ( NLD/LA ),
Federation of Trade Union of  Burma ( FTUB ), All Arakan Student and Youth
Congress ( AASYC ), All Burma Student League ( ABSL ), All Kachin Student
and Youth Union ( AKSYU ) sent and read out their special messages.
Chin National Front ( CNF ), Chin National League for Democracy / Exiled (
CNLD E ), Chin National Council ( CNC ), Chin Students' Union ( CSU ) read
out their statments.
After formal function, refreshment and cultural programme followed. 8
traditional dances and about 20 songs were presented. The ceremony was
ended at 5:00 PM.

51st Anniversary of Chin National Day

Today, the 20th of February 1999, is the auspicious occasion of the 51st
anniversary of the historic national victory day, which the Chins are to
be proud of and to be observed with joy.

The Chins were independent and have never been invaded nor were under any
domination of alien nations until the invasion of the British colonists.
Following the British colonists arrested the last Burman king Thibaw and
invaded the Burman territory in December 5, 1885 they tried to annexe the
Chin Hills.  In 1894, ten years after the arrest of King Thibaw, the
British colonists invaded the Chin Hills and colonial rule was introduced.
Many Chin patriots laid their lives in the battle against the foreign

Chin patriots fought for independence throughout the colonial rule and
many sacrificed their lives in the battles. Chin national leaders signed
the Panglong Agreement on 12 February 1947 in order to get independence
and Chin Hills became independent along with other nationalities.

Following independence, a public meeting was held in Falam on 19 - 22
February 1947, to chalk out an administrative system to be adopted and to
discuss some matters for future Chin Hills. More than 5,000 peoples
including representatives from each region attended the meeting. On the
second day of the meeting, February 20, it was resolutely passed to
eliminate the existing Chieftainship, and adopt a democratic
administrative system in Chin Hills.

Thus, February 20, the day with meaning and essence, on which the true
wills of the Chin people was highlighted was observed as "Chin National
Day", and has been celebrated every year since then.

The successive military dictators : BSPP, SLORC and the present SPDC have
been forcing the Chin people to celebrate the National Day as State Day.
The emergence of the two days were not the same nor were of same meaning
and essence. Chin State Day, which emerged as the result of the
constitution drafted by the BSPP and adopted on January 3, 1974, has no
relation with the National Day. Therefore, forcing the people to celebrate
the National Day as a State Day is only an insult to the patriotic mind
and national dignity of the Chins. 

Chin National Day is not only the day of historic victory of the Chins but
also the symbol of the Chins who are fond of freedom and democracy. We
would like to express in this 51st anniversary of our national day that by
celebrating the historic victory day, every year, we are preserving the
Chin history, cultural heritage and existence of the Chin people. 

20th February, 1999
Celeberation Committee

New Delhi