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CRPP Notification 9 in English

Committee representing members of People's Parliament elected in the 
1990 multi-party general elections (Committee representing People's 

Notification No 9(2/99)

Note- (addendum to Notifications 3(1/99) and 5(2/99)

1.	The highly respected U Lun Tin, member of the NLD, a legally 
constituted organisation, and the legally elected representative of Mon 
State, Moulmein township, Constituency N0:1 was voted in by the free 
choice of the people. By means of threats and intimidation, the 
authorities now are using the innocent people as chopping blocks to 
remove him as a People's Parliament representative alleging loss of 

2.	The authorities that decreed the Political Parties Registration Law 
and the Pyithu Hluttaw( People's Parliament) Law are now themselves 
contravening the provisions contained in those laws by all the illegal 
measures that they are taking against the central executive committee 
members of the NLD and the elected People's Parliament representatives. 
The action they are taking is ultra vires the provisions of the said two 

3	Under the leadership of our martyred leader General Aung San, U Lun 
Tin, a Mon leader, fought for the country's independence first by taking 
up arms and later appropriately by adopting political means. He is 
respectable and honourable. He never once resorted to armed rebellion. 
As a commanding officer in the Army he performed his duties 
satisfactorily. How can he ever be accused of "being a traitor?"

4.	According to official records, U Lun Tin obtained 39624 votes 
(77.29%) to be their People's Parliament representative.

5.	As regards U Than Tun, some writers have written in praise of him 
that " In every era he has worked for good".

6.	(a) The People's Parliament representatives who were elected in the 
free and fair elections in May 1990 can not be accused of not fulfilling 
their obligations to the electorate when the authorities have refused 
outright to convene the People's Parliament.
	(b) The representatives have not been able to visit their 
constituencies because of obstacles and prohibitions placed by the 

7.	Furthermore, personal attacks that should not be indulged in. It is 
the reputation of the people who cast aspersions that will suffer not 
the people who are defamed.

8.	Making innocent and honest people perform dishonest and illegal 
activities by the authorities will surely be detrimental to the country. 
This flouting of the law will become a habit and ingrained in the 


Committee Representing People's Parliament

16 February 1999

(Responsibility for this publication is taken by the National League for 

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