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NLD Statement 25 in English

National League for Democracy
NO (97/B), West Shwegondine Road
Bahan, Rangoon

Statement No: 25(2/99)

1.	Members of the NLD were summoned in writing by the Military 
Intelligence through the several Ward Chairmen of Mindon Township in 
Magwe Division to attend without fail at their  office on the 29th, 
30th, and 31st January. Those members who were away cutting bamboo or 
for the purpose of purchasing cows all had to be informed and brought 

2.	They were told by the MI that before long the NLD would be declared 
an illegal organisation and  all members would be arrested and proceeded 
against. They were given three days notice. Some who were overtaken by 
fear were threatened and forced to sign prepared letters of resignation. 
Bullying tactics were used against those who didn't sign and forced to 
work on projects designated by them (MI). Also, they confiscated 
whatever they wanted for their own use. The MI group comprised Sergeant 
Shwe Hla Maung (appeared to be the leader), a coporal and Lance coporal 
Win Toe.

3.	The NLD members had no desire to resign. Those who refused were 
incarcerated in a place within the military unit and pressure was 
applied. For example; the printing license of  a person making a living 
by operating a small printing machine was withdrawn and unwarranted 
accusations and false charges laid against the person engaged in selling 
and buying goods.

4.	We have been informed about a cover up of the death of a person at 
the hands of the chairman of the ward administration unit and one member 
of the MI which occurred a month ago. The facts relate to one Nga Maung, 
son of one Daw Kyi Sein of Kyauk-taing village in Mindon Township. He 
was posted to Infantry Battalion No:92 and had returned on home leave. 
It was alleged that he was demanding money claiming to be a member of 
the MI. With the assistance of Sergeant Shwe Hla Maung, and Lance 
Corporal Khaing Too, the Chairman of the Village Administration U Aye 
Maung, Nga Maung was arrested and interrogated. Constable Nga Maung died 
as a result of their "beyond the limit" measures. The cause of death 
recorded on the death certificate is "high blood pressure caused through 
fright". His mother Daw Kyi Sein was paid Kyats ten thousand and told to 
keep her mouth shut. No one in Mindon dares to talk about the matter.

5.	We urge the authorities to investigate the above matter and to 
proceed in accordance with the law against those responsible.

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

17 February 1999

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