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     KNU Press Release No.  5/99
   Regarding Human Rights Violations by SPDC and DKBA
Tha-ton District

* 18-1-99 DKBA No.1 battalion 2th in command Than Htun demanded. 1,000
pieces of thatch from each village such as Pah-hat, Pah-khee, Htee-wah
-kalay, Htee-wah-pu, Plaw-po, Ta-roai-wah, Naung -ka-dok and Taweh-ban

*20-1-99 Pah Ni Tho from DKBA again went into Law-pa-waw village and
destroyed 2 villager's boats which were 6 metres long each, owned by
You Po and Kwe Po respectively and making total worth at 50,000 kyats.

*25-1-99: Pah Ni Tho from DKBA again went into Law-pa-waw village and
looted 50,000 kyats form Naw Ka La and killed and ate 2 pigs owned by
Saw Maung Nyo and also looted 33,000 kyats form him. In addition, they
burned down his hut. The DKBA troops also destroyed villager's crops
grown in the fields.

Toun -goo-District

*17-1-99: At 11;a.m troops from SPDC army IB 48 column (2) went into
Saw-thay-doe village, Sa-wa-daw-kho, Theh-chuang area in Than-ta-bin
township and shot at villagers which wounded Saw Sha Mu Aye La, 40 and
killed 3 villagers namely (1)Saw Tay Nay, 35 (2)Saw Kotoe Teh, 40, and
Saw Benny,50.

*23-1-99: Troops from SPDC army. IB 34 killed a porter, which was
Burma without any reason.

*23-1-99: Troops SPDC army IB 73 were shelling heavy weapon to the
villagers who were hiding at Bway-baw-doe and Si-daw-kho area and
burned down 4 huts at the villager's hide out and also destroyed 200
viss of betelnut.

Naung-le-bin District

*25-1-99: Troops from SPDC army IB 96 led by battalion commander Than
Sein Win ordered 100 pieces of palm leaf thatch from each house hold
in villages such as Rai-thaw-khee, Ta-ya-day, pa-na-deh, Htee-pa-doe
and Mae-praw-hta numbering the total of 200 house hold. The demanded

thatch must also be sent to the peak of Kyaik-htee-yoe and which later
were sold away by the SPDC army at 5 kyats per pieces.

*31-1-99: Troops from SPDC army forcibly relocated Htay-kay-lor 
village to Kwin -seik and Kyun-chang village to Don-za-yit.

*2-2-99: Special guerilla force from SPDC army ordered villages such
as Mau-bin and Let-kauk-wa to be forcibly relocated to Kyaung-gon and
Baw-ta-daw-kho village to Kyee-bin seik within (5) days.

Pa-an District

* 7-1-99:  Troops from SPDC army LIB 118 went into Pah-kloo village
and shot at villagers killing Saw Tin Hla, 32 and wounded Saw Koe
Lone, 34.

Words & Abbreviations: KNU= Karen National Union (Political wing of
Karen resistance) SPDC= State Peace and Development Council (Military
dictatorship of Burma) DKBA=Democratic Kayin Buddist Army (Apuppet
army of the SPDC) LIB=LightInfantry Battalion IB= Infantry Battalion:
Kyat=Name of Burmese currency; viss=1.6 kg.


    KNU Press Release No.6/99
   Human Violations by SPCD Troops
          February 15,1999

Tha-ton District

*3-2-99: Troops from SPDC LIB 546 came to Naung-ga-doke village and
beat up a woman villager, Naw Mu Mu 57, brutally. On the same day
these troops ordered Ta-rweli-kee and Htee-pu-wah villagers to give a
goat per village and 10 log poles, having 8 inches in diameter and 6
yards in length, per household. They were to deliver the demanded
items at pa-nweh-kla military camp.

Nyaung-lay-bin District.

* Starting from January 1999, The SPDC troops have been innovating the
grazing grounds of Kyoung-chaung and Nyaung-tha-ya, in Shwe-Kyin
Township . The SPDC IB 57 took 20 acres and LIB 349 took 100 acres for
the purpose.The SPDC troops have been forcing the villagers nearby to
abandon their own work and give free labor on the projects.

Pa-pun District

* 9-1-99: The SPDC army officer, Major Tin Hlaing arrested Ta-gor-kyo
villager, Saw De Taw Nor 32, and accused him of being cattle
trader.The Major released him after extorting 10,000 Kyat from him as
a fine.

*23-1-99: The SPDC  troops planted land mines in Ku-day village,
without warning the villagers. Ku-day villager, Saw Ta Eh Mu 27,
stepped on a land mine that killed him instantly.

*27-1-99: The SPDC troops came to Kyo-mu-lay-doe village and burnt
down 4 rice barns, destroying 322 baskets of paddy. These troops
confiscated all the villagers' rice found and destroyed the amount
they could not eat or carry.

*31-1-99: The SPDC troops came to Lay-baw-hta village and burnt down 2
rice barns, destroying 80 baskets of paddy of Win Khin Pa, and 10
baskets of paddy of Saw Hla Oo.

*2-2-99: The SPDC  troops from LIB 439 came to the farm of villagers,
Par Ohn Myint and Saw Hla Oo, of Meh-paw-hta village. They had worked
on the farm with the permission of LIB 439. The troops confiscated all
the belongings found in the two huts, on the farm, and all the
chickens, worth about 10,000 Kyat. 

Words and Abbreviations: KNU= Karen National Union (Political wing of
Karen resistance) SPDC = State Peace and Development Council (Military
dectatorship of Burma) IB=Infantry battalion; LIB = Light infantry

Battalion, Kyat= Name of Burmese currency; Basket=8gallons