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The Response of A Pro-SPDC thug

Dear Netters,
                          The following is what I got as a response to the
following info I posted.The writer's aol address is included.What I post may
not please every policy maker and every politician in the world but it is
going to be a fact which is the truth, the truth that shall set you free.If
I were a coward,I wouldn't be in this field.


Julien  Moe

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>We know who you are - you are a subversive and destructive undergound
>nothing more than a neo-colonialist axe-handle. You will be swatted just like
>a passing wasp. As flies to wanton children, are you to the SPDC - we swat
>for our supper.
>Brig.-Gen. Kyaw Kyaw Win

SPDC's Top Brasshats Suspended
15th February
Source:Western Diplomatic Sources
By Julien Moe
Brigidier-General Kyaw Win and Lt. Colonel Hla Min of OSS  have been suspended
from their posts for a period of [Deleted]. The reason is their ignorant
mistake about
elections to be held within 2 to three years. I reported about the issue a
few weeks ago
a few weeks ago. The military government facing its outrageously demanding
on the international stage decided to suspend the brasshats last week. Let
alone the opposition.
The regime has  never been hesitant to punish its own people.