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NCUB Statement (12-2-99)

<bold>NCUB Statement on Plan for Holding International Conference on     

                 Narcotic Drugs in Rangoon                    


                                                February 12,1999

*It is much deplorable and lamentable that the ?International Conference
on Narcotic Drugs? is to be held in Rangoon, with the arrangement of the
INTERPOL, because the SPDC military clique, in addition to being the
worst dictatorship remaining in the world, is firmly linked with
production of more than half of the narcotic drugs produced in the

*Up to this day,the SPDC military clique has been ruthlessly conducting
military operation and killing members of the ethnic
nationalities,daily,It has also been harshly repressing and exploiting
the people,and decimating,by ruthless repression, the National League For
Democracy, which the people have elected in the May 1990 elections.In
addition to giving protection to notorious drug barons known the world
over,the SPDC has been maintaining a direct link with the production and
trafficking of narcotic drugs.The SPDC military clique has enriched
itself by exporting narcotic drugs and impoverishing the people of all
the nationalities.Therefore,if the Conference on Narcotic drug is held in
Rangoon,it would be,in fact, the most shameful event of the modern
civilized world.

*The decision of the US and European countries not to attend this meeting
is an absolutely correct decision. We,the NCUB,earnestly call upon the
ASEAN countries,the Republic of France and other justice-loving countries
to abstain from attending the conference.

*In conclusion, we gravely call upon the INTERPOL to abrogate its plan to
hold the conference in Rangoon,Burma,and select one of the many suitable
countries as the conference venue.

Abbreviation:NCUB =National Council of the Union of Burma
(Parliament-cum-coalition of the democratic and ethnic forces); SPDC
=State Peace and Development Council (Military dictatorship of
Burma);INTERPOL =International Police