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51st Anniversary of Karen National

Subject: 51st Anniversary of Karen National Day.(English)

Statement of Karen Solidarity Organization (KSO)
On the 51st anniversary of Karen National Day:

1. On February 11th 1948, about 51 years ago, the entire Karen nationals,
the brilliant guidance of patriotic leaders like Saw Ba U Gyi, PaO U Hla Pe,
Saw Maw Lay, Mahn Ba Zan, Thara Tha Toh, Mahn James Htun Aung had bravely
involved in the non violence struggle for the freedom of Karen people.
2. Since the chauvinistic rulers, without solving by means of politics on the
unanimous demands of the entire Karen National such as liberty, equality,
democratic rights, self- determination and peace, began to launch an attack on
our Karen people, Karens had to use armed struggle as a self-defense on the
of January 1949.
3. During the 50 years of resistance against Burmese rulers Karen soldiers
(martyrs) sacrificed their lives, while, hundreds of thousands revolutionary
Karen people dedicated and sacrificed then lives in various ways.
4. Despite over 50 years of resistance war, it has borne victory fruit of
revolution yet. National unification has deteriorated in Karen society.
Unification among the oppressed ethnic nationalities also has been
deteriorated. A firm solidarity between ethnic nationalities and Burmans has
not been established yet.
5. The Karen national seminar, for the freedom of Karen people in Karen
society, regardless of race, religion, region, gender, class, political party,
under ground and above ground, local and abroad, shall be convened and
based on
the seminar, national convention of the entire Karen nation shall be convened
for the election of true representation of Karen people. Under the leadership
of the elected representatives national unification shall be established and,
liberty, equality, democracy, self-determination and peace must be created.
Solidarity among the oppressed ethnic nationalities shall be created. In
addition, it has to create solidarity with the NLD, which formed with the
people's representative. We firmly vow, on this 5th anniversary of Karen
National Day, to establish solidarity and join hand in hand with fellow
political parties and struggle against military dictatorship.

Center Executive Committee, 
Karen Solidarity Organization                          
11th February 1999.