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Information Sheet No. A-0793 (I)

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Information Sheet
No. A-0793 (I)                8th February 1999

(1)		National Entrepreneurs Urged to Cultivate Edible Oil Palm, Rubber on
						Commercial Scale in Taninthayi Division
		Vice Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council  General Maung Aye
was accompanied by national entrepreneurs on a field trip to reclaim  vacant,
virgin and fallow lands for cultivation of crops in Taninthayi Division. Gen.
Maung Aye said, "The land between Kauthaung and Myeik is appropriate for
cultivation of edible oil palm on commercial scale, and should local
entrepreneurs establish edible oil palm plantations on thousands of acres, it
is sure that Taninthayi Division would become the "edible oil pot" of the
country like Magway Division". He suggested perennial crop rubber be grown in
places where oil palm cannot be cultivated and assured that the government
would provide support for success of local entrepreneurs implementing the
projects in accord with the economic objectives of the State.  As the
entrepreneurs accompanying  are now engaged in agricultural projects in
Ayeyawady, Yangon and Magway Divisions, other entrepreneurs should take up the
other works in the agriculture sector. He spoke of the need for the present
generation to create opportunities for future generations to cultivate,
produce and enjoy the benefits accrued from the sector, and noted that the
long-term plans such as expansion of cultivation of paddy, cotton, sugar-canes
and beans as the main crops of the country, cultivation of monsoon paddy on 14
million acres and summer paddy on four million acres, expansion of edible oil
crops and kitchen crops and construction of dams and reservoirs for posterity.
Local entrepreneurs also explained the tentative plan to cultivate oil palm on
400,000 acres in the division and the chosen sites.
(2)		Paunglaung Hydroelectric Power Project Underway 
		Paunglaung Hydroelectric Power Project is ten miles east of Pyinmana,
Pyinmana Township, Mandalay Division. The dam of Paunglaung Hydroelectric
Power Project, reinforced with rocks, is 3,100 feet long and 430 feet high.
The water storage capacity of the dam is 560,000 acre-feel. Paunglaung
Hydroelectric Plant is to be installed with four 70-megawatt turbines which
can generate a total of 911  kilowatts per year.
(3)		New Nibban TV Antenna introduced, demonstrated

		Introduction and demonstration of 99 Model TXR Series Nibban TV Antenna
developed by Shwepaho Industry took place at the International Business Centre
on Pyay Road, Yangon on 7 February. General Manager introduced the TV Antenna
to those present and an entrepreneur demonstrated the new antenna.
(4)		Novell Fashion House Opened at Yuzana Plaza
		A ceremony to open Novell Fashion House was held on the second floor of
Yuzana Plaza in Mingala Taungnyunt Township on 7 February. President of
Myanmar Football Federation and Chairman of Novell Fashion Group formally
opened the house. The Novell Fashion House will sell Nike and Levi's brand
goods-- sports suits, sports shoes, caps and jeans from 9 am to 5 pm daily.