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"News and Tastes of Burma (Lunch an

Subject: "News and Tastes of Burma (Lunch and Presentation)"

"News & Tastes of Burma"
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News and Tastes of Burma (Lunch and Presentation) will be held on 28th
(Sunday) February 1999 at the East Kew Uniting Church Hall.

The News and Tastes of Burma is organised by the people from East Kew
Uniting Church and Burmese Students from Melbourne, Australia.

It will be included Burmese traditional food and Australian food, dancing,
music, photo exhibition and display of news & information on current
situation in Burma.

Where:    Uniting Church Hall
                142 Normanby Road
                East Kew, Melbourne VIC Australia

When:    12:30PM, 28th (Sunday) February 1999

Tickets ($10*) are available now, please telephone to (03) 9859 4811

*All proceeds to help Refugees from Burma.