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NLD Statement 19 in English

National League for Democracy
NO (97/B), West Shwegondine Road
Bahan, Rangoon

Statement NO: 19(2/99)

1.  The Military Intelligence (MI) has been illegally, without cause or 
justification, arresting and incarcerating NLD Hluttaw representatives 
and NLD members in the States, Divisions, Townships, Wards and Villages. 
Some have been arrested since July and others since September 1998.

2.  Arrest and incarceration of persons who have committed no offence 
whatsoever without legal authority reflects a state of lawlessness in 
the country.

3.  The Military Intelligence is compelling NLD parliamentarians to 
resign from their positions and the party. Members of the organisations 
are being compelled to resign from their positions and the party. 
Members of the organisation are being compelled to resign in 
contravention of the law. These measures amount to criminal offences for 
which charges can be laid against the offenders under Section 503 and 
506 of the Law of Crimes. Arresting, incarcerating and forcing their 
victims to resign their positions are activities that should  never be 
done. It is most disgraceful behaviour.

4.  Our information is that Major Sithu (MI 6) and Major Thura (a) Nay 
Soe (MI12) are personally involved in the operation of getting the 
forced resignation of NLD Pyithu Hluttaw representatives. If the rule of 
law is to prevail as proclaimed by those in authority, we urge that 
steps be taken to halt the activities that have been mentioned above.

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

1 February 1999

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