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This week's brown bag

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>This Thursday, february 4th the SEAP brown bag lecture will be a talk by 
>John Badgley, 
>the former curator of the J.M. Echols Collection on Southeast Asia, Kroch 
>Library, here at Cornell. He will be giving a talk entitled "The Seeds of 
>Fascism in Burmese Socialism". 
>The brown bag talks are held at the Kahin Center, at 640 Stewart Avenue
>The talk will begin at 12.20pm. For anyone who would like transportation 
>to the Kahin center, there are buses which leave from the stop in front 
>of Day Hall (#83). One leaves at 12:03, and returns from the parking lot 
>across from the center at 1:37pm.
>hope to see you all there!