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Over 400 kilos of ephedrine seized (r)

Subject: Re: Over 400 kilos of ephedrine seized in Sagaing Division

It would not be hard for Slorc to be making this stuff just to
turn it over to say What A fine Job they are doing to stop the drug
traffic. Just to stay in business, even drug lords have to pay a fee.

OKKAR66129@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Over 400 kilos of ephedrine seized in Sagaing Division
> Yangon, 27 Jan- Ephedrine powder weighing 417.82 kilos were seized from two
> persons on a Mazda jeep heading for Mandalay from Haka by members of the
> regional intelligence unit on 24 December .
> Acting on information, the authorities stopped and searched the jeep with
> number plates Zamyinzwe/5503 at Nyaungbingyi Z-craft jetty in Salingyi
> Township, Sagaing Division.
> They found the drug on the car and arrested the driver Khoke Lyan Dal,
36, of
> 64/A, Chin-oo-si Ward, Haka, and his sister Daw Hauk Lan Won, 46.
> Action is being taken against them under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic
> Substances Law. - MNA
> ------------------
> To view with photo please browse at
> "http://www.myanmar.com/drug/seizures.html";