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NEWS - Remains of Primates Found in

Subject: NEWS - Remains of Primates Found in 40-Million-Year-Old Formation

in Burma
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Remains of Primates Found in 40-Million-Year-Old Formation in Burma


            YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- Fossilized primate remains have
            been found in a 40-million-year-old rock, a discovery that
            could lead to a better understanding of when man first
            appeared in Asia, members of a Myanmar-Japanese team
            said Saturday. 

            The remains of the primates, with an upper jaw and teeth
            intact, were found earlier this month in the Pondaung region
            of northwestern Myanmar, also known as Burma. 

            Col. Than Tun, leader of the Myanmar team, told reporters
            the remains were a "vital find," complimenting the discovery
            at Pondaung last year of the left and right lower jaws of an
            amphipithecus primate. 

            The latest finds were of pondaungia and amphipithecus
            primates, he said. 

            Until the Pondaung findings, it was believed that primates
            from which man evolved first appeared in Southeast Asia at
            a later date. 

            Scholars from the United States and France have also
            conducted surveys in the Pondaung region.