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[burmanet2-l] Myanmar stargame serv

Subject: Re: [burmanet2-l] Myanmar stargame server down ???? or what?

Dear all,

    I think that there is something wrong with myanmar list. I tried to check
the settings but I can't browse "http://www.stargame.org"; and I can't do
anything.  I think that the "stargame" itself is having a problem. If the
server is down, it is too longer than it should be.I am trying to introduce
free expression in "myanmar list". If it is successful, it is not difficult to
continue to try freedom of expression in our country, I hope. That is why i
would like to request you all not to disturb freedom of expression in myanmar
list.  For the time being, I do not know exactly what is the cause of the
problem and I don't blame anyone.

     If the 'stargame" is gone forever, I will have to try another myanmar
mailing list..