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Information Sheet N0.A-0712(I

Subject: Information  Sheet      N0.A-0712(I)

Information  Sheet

                                 N0.A-0712(I)          29th November 1998 

(1)		Secretary-1 Attends Ceremony to Mark Completion of Cooperation
				Programme Between Myanmar and Association Medicale Franco-Asiatique

		A ceremony to mark the completion of cooperation programme between the
Government of the Union of Myanmar and Association Medicale Franco-Asiatique
(AMFA) of France was held at Mandalay General Hospital in Chanayethasan
Township in Mandalay at 7.30 am on 28 November. Chairman of National Health
Committee Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt delivered an address. The Government
and the AMFA of France, which is a benevolent association, have cooperated in
upgrading the trauma and intensive care units at the Mandalay General
Hospital.  AMFA was established in 1979 with the noble aim of assisting in
medical treatment and advancement of medical science in the developing
countries in Asia.  AMFA began its health care activities in Thailand,
Singapore and Cambodia and they had prove to be very successful and
beneficial.  In Myanmar too, it has started assisting in health care and
medical treatment in North Okkalapa General Hospital, Yangon, since 1993.  The
present cooperation in Mandalay General Hospital therefore represents the
second phase of cooperation between Myanmar and AMFA.  AMFA is planning to
implement more cooperation programmes of health care work for the people.
Then, Chairman of Association Medicale Franco Asiatique (AMFA) Professor Alain
Patel delivered an address.  Chairman of Mandalay Division Peace and
Development Council Commander of Central Command, Minister for Health and
Professor Alain Patel formally opened the special intensive care unit. 

(2)		Mandalay 300-bed Teaching Hospital Opened

		A ceremony to open Mandalay 300-bed Teaching Hospital of the Health
Department under the Ministry of Health was held at the hospital in
Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay, on 28 November.  In accord with the national
health policy of the State, hospitals, big and small, station hospitals,
dispensaries and rural heath units have been opened throughout the nation to
be able to fully provide public health services up to far-flung areas and
bridge the gap of health services among regions.  Systematic arrangements are
being made to upgrade the existing hospitals and provide staff, medical
equipment and medicine for these hospitals.  Measures are to be taken to
provide health services for the people of upper Myanmar in Mandalay like in
Yangon; hospitals are being opened in Mandalay and physicians, modern medical
equipment and medicine provided.  With a view to effectively rendering public
health services to the growing population, the Government is encouraging
medical sciences in order to increase the number of health workers and to
promote the standard of medical sciences.  So, Mandalay Institute of Medicine
and Mandalay Institute of Nursing have been established; in addition, 300-bed
Teaching Hospital has been established.  Commander of Central Command and
Minister for Health formally opened the hospital. 

(3)		New Traditional Medicine Hospital (50-bed) Opened in Mandalay

		A ceremony to open a new Traditional Medicine Hospital (50-bed) was held in
Aungmyethazan Township, Mandalay, on 28 November.  The Traditional Medicine
Hospitals (50-bed) were simultaneously built in Yangon and Mandalay with lofty
aims to effectively carry out public health care services through traditional
medicine and to conduct research in therapy and treatment techniques to be
exact in standards set.  The Secretary-1 spoke on implementation of the
guidance of the Head of State and preservation of  traditional medicine by
holding of workshops and conducting courses for promotion of qualification of
the traditional practitioners, opening of traditional medicine hospitals in
Pathein, Myeik and Taunggyi, arrangements for construction of such hospitals
in Myitkyina, Pyay, Mawlamyine and Monywa, opening of 194 traditional medicine
units and ten district level units in the whole country.  Mandalay Traditional
Medicine Hospital was opened in October 1976 and was upgraded to 50-bed
hospital.  The hospital will help carry out public health services and study
traditional medicine and conduct research for trainees of traditional
institute.  He also spoke on establishment of herbal gardens, arrangements for
upgrading of traditional medicine institute to university level and conducting
research on production of efficacious herbal plants and medicines. Commander
of Central Command and Minister for Health formally opened the hospital. 

(4)		Institute of Nursing Opened in Mandalay

		A ceremony to inaugurate the Institute of Nursing (Mandalay) under the
Medical Science Department of the Ministry of Health was held at the institute
in Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay, on 28 November morning.  Just as
University of Primary Health, Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Institute
of Pharmacy have been opened, so also nurses training schools and midwifery
training schools have been opened throughout the nation.  Yangon Institute of
Nursing too was opened in 1991, and Mandalay Institute of Nursing can be
opened on 28 November.  In providing public health services, skilled nurses
are specially needed, and therefore, the Government promulgated Nursing and
Midwifery Law in 1990.  In addition to Yangon Institute of Nursing, Mandalay
Institute of Nursing can be opened and advanced nursing can now be taught and
degrees in nursing conferred in Mandalay.  Moreover, the Government is making
arrangements to open postgraduate courses on nursing; at present, it is making
necessary arrangements to enable suitable persons to attend postgraduate
course of foreign universities through a distance education system, and there
are 20 persons who already got master's degrees in nursing.  They were
appointed as professor and head of department at institutes of nursing.  Now,
advanced nursing can be taught in the country.  The rector and staff members
of different levels have been appointed for the institute, and 71 trainees
have been selected to attend the course for the first batch.  An institute
which can confer B.Sc, (Nursing) was opened in Yangon in 1991, and
arrangements are being made to upgrade Mandalay Nurses Training School to be
able to confer B.Sc, (Nursing) degrees.  Continued efforts are to be made to
be able to open master's courses in nursing, and Mandalay Institute of Nursing
is opening 18-month course in midwifery, three-year diploma course in
midwifery and B.Sc (Nursing) course.

(5)		Secretary-2 Receives Mayor of Uiwang

		Secretary-2 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Tin Oo
received Mayor of Uiwang, Republic of Korea, Mr. Kang Sang Sup and party who
called at the hall of the Ministry of Defence at 1 pm on 28 November. 

(6)		More Primate Fossils Discovered from Pondaung

		Myanmar-Japan Pondaung Fossil Expedition Team comprising geologists with the
Primate Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan, met the Press at the Tatmadaw Guest
House on Inya Road on 28 November.  The Fossil Exploration and Research
Project of the Pondaung Region was initiated by the Office of Strategic
Studies of the Ministry of Defence, with the participation of geologists of
the Ministry of Education, and the project work commenced in March 1997.  The
first exploration of the fossil expedition team yielded primate fossils as
well as a variety of other fossilized remains.  Information regarding the
primate fossils found in the Pondaung region of Myanmar was duly announced and
made public so that international scholars in the field would have the
opportunity to study these finds.  As a result, scholars from the United
States of America, France and Japan arrived in Myanmar and studied the fossils
found, and pursued further research based on them.  At the time, scholars from
the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University, Professor Dr. Nobuo
Shigehara and Asistant Professor Masanaru Takai carried out studies on these
primate and other fossils at the National Museum from 19 to 25 April, 1998 and
coordinated arrangements with the authorities concerned for permission to go
on field survey and study expedition in the Pondaung region later, at a time
convenient for both sides.  Accordingly, Professor Dr. Nobuo Shigehara,
Assistant Professor Masanaru Takai and Mr. Takehisa Tsubamoto arrived Yangon
on 1 November 1998. They then embarked on a field research in collaboration
with the Pondaung Fossil Expedition Team. The Joint Myanmar-Japan Pondaung
Fossil Expedition Team arrived in Bahin village in Myaing Township via
NyaungU, and Pakokku on 5 November, and began joint explorations on 6
November.  They proceeded to the site now known as the Primate Resort where
the primate fossil Amphipithecus bahinensis had been discovered.  They took
records and began exploration work.  At about 0800 hours, additional primate
fossils were found in the same vicinity where the Amphipithecus bahinensis had
first been found.  The combined team set up camp in Bahin village and
conducted field work till 11 November.  On 12 November they moved camp to
Magyeekan village and from this base carried on further explorations.  Then at
1655 hours on 14 November, they again discovered a primate jaw together with
molars from Taungnee Kyit Chaung which lies approximately six furlongs west of
Pan Kan village.  The primate fossils discovered were found to be primate
fossil Pondaungia cotteri and that they constituted part of the upper jaw.
They are thus highly significant and vital finds for development of further
research.  The Joint Expedition Team again moved there base camp from
Magyeekan village to Mogaung village and continued their explorations. On 20
November they left Mogaung village and arrived back in Yangon on 22 November.
The Joint Myanmar-Japan Pondaung Fossil Expedition Team discovered not only
fossils of the anthropoid primate but also specimens of fossilized species of
pig, rhinoceros, tortoise, crocodile and other animals.  Joint research will
be continued and the findings will be made know internationally through the
publication of research papers, books and through other media.  Afterwards,
Professor Dr. Nobuo Shigehara and Assistant Professor Masanaru Takai also
spoke about the new finds. 

(7)		MMA Holds Third Medical Seminar

		The third medical seminar, co-sponsored by Myanmar Medical Association
(Central) and the East Asiatic Company (Yangon Branch) Dumex, was held at
Sedona Hotel on 28 November.  Local Manager of the East Asiatic Company and
Managing Director Mr. Gerard Geraets of Dumex Thailand spoke on the occasion.

(8)		Stipend for 100 Students in Mandalay, Sagaing Divisions 

		A ceremony to provide stipends donated by Etou Zaidan Foundation led by
Japanese Buddhist Venerable Mr. Shirabe of Kyushin District, Japan, for 100
needy students of Basic Education Middle and High Schools in Mandalay and
Sagaing Divisions was held at BEHS No 8 of Mandalay on 26 November.

(9)		Myanmar Industrial Delegation Arrives Back

		A Myanmar industrial delegation led by Deputy Minister for Industry-1 Brig-
Gen Thein Tun arrived back Yangon by air on 27 November evening after studying
ceramics works in Japan.