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NLD Statement 109

National League for Democracy
No:(97/b) West Shwegondine Road
Bahan, Rangoon

STATEMENT 109 (11/98)

1. The illegal arrests and imprisonment of NLD parliamentarians-elect 
and members of organising committee at States, Divisions, Townships, 
Wards and village levels and other ordinary members will have dangerous 
repercussions for the peace and stability of the country. Reasons given 
to justify these operation have no foundation whatsoever. Up till the 19 
November 1998, the numbers so arrested are 

Members of organisation committees from 
states, divisions, townships, villages 
and wards and ordinary members------------------- 701

2. In addition to these unlawful acts of illegal arrests and 
imprisonment the Military Intelligence units have been applying 
pressure, intimidation, threats to obtain in writing 
· the involuntary resignations from the office of parliamentarians-elect 
and from membership of the NLD
· the involuntary resignations from the office of organising committees 
and membership of the NLD
· and involuntary resignations from membership of the NLD of ordinary 

The truth of the matter is that those who have usurped state power are 
today blatantly exercising excessive authority to cling to that power. 

3. "You do as you are told otherwise you will have to suffer much more" 
are the words used by the military intelligence to those individuals who 
refuse to put their signatures to such resignations. Our information is 
that NLD members have resisted all these threats and intimidation and in 
their zeal for democracy and human rights are valiantly standing up and 
have not caved in. Our congratulations to them! We salute you! The 
illegal use of force, authority, and pressure is contrary to the "the 
rule of law " which is being proclaimed. The National League for 
Democracy strongly denounces such activities. We demand immediate action 
by the higher authorities against the military intelligence units who 
are perpetrating such injustices.

4. The National league for Democracy  is a legally registered political 
organisation exercising its right to function and carry out its 
legitimate duties as such.

5. (a) Information that the NLD members have voluntarily  brought about 
the dissolution of the branches of the NLD in the township of Seikyi 
Khanaungtoe, Rangoon Division is inaccurate. The fact is that since 1996 
when the people of this area were forcefully relocated and dispersed to 
various other locations by the authorities the people have been 
disadvantaged and no proper reorganisation of the branch has been 

(b) Taking advantage of such a situation and claming that the members 
had voluntarily dissolved a branch that was not in operation is a 
deceitful ploy resorted to by the authorities to swell the numbers. This 
is no less than a deliberate revelation of the ill will and evil tactics 
of the military intelligence service people.

6.(a) Information to hand now is that the military intelligence units 
are planning to forcefully dissolve the branch that has been lawfully 
constituted in the Mon state, Kyaikhto township without any legal 
justification. The news is that a big celebration will be held to mark 
the occasion.

(b) This will constitute a dastardly act with the intention to denigrate 
the respect and prestige of the National League for Democracy. The 
respect and confidence that the NLD has obtained as evidenced by the 
success in the 1990 general elections can never be erased.

7. We reiterate our abhorrence of the above activities of the Military 
Intelligence Service units and denounce them in very strong terms. 

Central Executive Committee             
National League for Democracy

20 November 1998.


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