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[burmanet2-l] Clarification for Tun

Subject: Re: [burmanet2-l] Clarification for Tun Myint-PeMTint's Smear

Dear Ko Kyaw Kyaw Htut and Ko Tun Myint,
I respect both of you.  Both of you have commintment for our struggle for
democracy.  I know Ko Tun Myint personally and glad to see his contribution
to Maykha list.  Also I do know Ko Kyaw Kyaw Htut for his daring ideas and
criticitism.  Thats why I respect both of you.  For me, there is nothing to
argue about such an issue.  Please stop this flame.  I do not want both of
you to hate each other.  Honestly, we have a few young promising people who
have commintment and are brave enough to tell the truth.  
Save the energy for the last fight of (9999).  We only have 9 months left.

with solidarity

Htun Aung Gyaw