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Yoma(3)News (New Forced Labor Proje

Subject: Yoma(3)News (New Forced Labor Projects in Tenasserim Division)

<bigger>New Forced Labor Projects in Tenasserim Division


Using over 400 inmates from Myeik and Insein Prison, many of them
political prisoners, SPDC authorities have begun further forced labor
projects in Tenasserim Division.  The well-documented practice of forced
labor in Burma has long been used in the construction of major
infrastructure projects such as the Ye-Tavoy railroad. Typically, gangs
of prisoners and local villagers are compelled to perform unpaid labor in
hostile conditions under threat of physical violence. Major injuries and
death are common occurrences on such projects. 

The latest forced labor projects in Tenasserim Division are the
construction of battalion facilities in Tanintaye Township and the
Myinntha - Bongti road. Over 100 inmates of Myeik prison are currently
being held in a forced labor camp at Thon Ma Kar village, where they are
constructing offices for the military. The prisoners began work on Nov.

On the same day SPDC authorities used 6 heavy trucks to move 300 inmates
of Insein prison to Tavoy. They arrived in Myinntha village on the 26th
of November to begin work on the planned road between the Thai border
town of Bongti and the coastal seaboard at Myinntha. SPDC authorities are
hopeful that increased cross-border trade using the planned road will
generate much-needed hard currency for the regime. 

The new projects have been named "New Life" projects # 4 & 6. It remains
to be seen how many lives will be lost in pursuit of such "New Life" for
the brutal military regime in Burma.