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Thailand to Hold Trade Exhibition i

Subject: Thailand to Hold Trade Exhibition in Myanmar - BAD IDEA ISN'T IT.

Thailand and Singapore persist with doing trade for Their Own
purposes, but this trade is adding the Burmese regime and Not the People
of Burma.

Thailand to Hold Trade Exhibition in Myanmar


            YANGON (Nov. 26) XINHUA - The Thai Ministry of
            Commerce will hold its first trade exhibition in Yangon from
            December 3 to 6 in cooperation with its Myanmar
            counterpart to stimulate trade and investment between the
            two countries. 

            At the four-day show, jointly sponsored by the Department of
            Export Promotion of the Thai Ministry of Commerce and its
            Myanmar counterpart, a wide array of products and services
            of nearly 100 Thai prominent manufacturers and exporters
            will be displayed. 

            The products and services cover automotive parts and
            accessories, chemical pharmaceutical products and medical
            supplies, construction materials and hardware, electrical
            products and parts, fashion goods and textiles, fishery
            materials, food, freight forwarding, furniture, hotel and
            warehouse, international education, painting supplies, and

            Briefing about the exhibition here Thursday, Pensak
            Chalarak, Thai Ambassador to Myanmar, said Thailand is
            the third largest trading partner of Myanmar after Singapore
            and Japan, while the amount of the bilateral trade between
            the two countries accounts for only 2 percent of the total
            foreign trade volume of Thailand, and such exhibition will
            held annually in Myanmar. 

            According to the ambassador, Thai Deputy Minister of
            Commerce Pravich Ratanapian will co-inaugurate the

            According to Myanmar official statistics, bilateral trade
            including border trade stood at 330 million U.S. dollars in
            1997-98 fiscal year which ended in March, up from 289
            million dollars in 1996-97. The balance of trade was in
            Thailand's favor. 

            Thailand, one of the leading foreign investors in Myanmar,
            ranked third after Singapore and Britain in investment with
            1.24 billion dollars in 42 projects out of the
            total foreign investment in the country at the end of March
            this year. The investment covers such sectors as oil and
            gas, hotels and tourism, livestock breeding and fishery,
            industrial estate and transport.