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Malaysia accuses US of supporting t

Subject: Malaysia accuses US of supporting terrorism:

This information is interesting.

Malaysia accuses US of supporting terrorism

            ..........KUALA LUMPUR (November 21) : Malaysian Foreign
Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has accused US Vice President Al Gore of
supporting terrorism and tying to incite riots by praising supporters of
ousted deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, newspapers reported Friday.
            ..........Abdullah's reaction coincided with heightened
nationalistic fervour following Gore's remarks here Monday when he praised
the "brave people of Malaysia" for standing up for democracy.
            .........."By saying what he did, Gore was clearly trying to
incite supporters of Anwar Ibrahim to riot and adopt all kinds of violent
means which should not happen in this country," Abdullah was quoted as
saying in the New Straits Times.
            .........."The United States should be held responsible if any
undesirable incident occurs."
            ..........Abdullah, who was speaking on a visit to
flood-stricken areas in northern peninsula Malaysia, also charged that the
United States was "supporting a form of terrorism that should not be
            ..........Copyright 1998 AFP (Published under arrangement with
Associated Press of Pakistan