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								Information sheet
						N0.A-0710 (I) 27th November 1998 
(1)		Prime Minister  Mr. Sisavath Keobounphanh of  LPDR  and  Madame  Khamla
Keobounphanh 			Visit 	Bagan -NyaungU, Mandalay, Innlay before Leaving for
		Visiting Myanmar at the invitation of Chairman of the State Peace and
Development Council and Prime Minister Senior General Than Shwe and wife Daw
Kyaing Kyaing, Prime Minister of the Lao People's Democratic Republic Mr.
Sisavath Keobounphanh and Madame Khamla Keobounphanh and delegation left
Yangon by special flight on 25 November  and arrived at Bagan-NyaungU Airport
at 9.45 am. The Prime Minister and entourage visited Pagodas, Bagan
Archaeological Museum, and Myanmar Lacquerware Institute  . The Prime Minister
and party left Bagan-NyaungU Airport by special flight for Mandalay; they
arrived there at 2.25 pm. They visited Myanan Sankyaw Golden Palace and gold
embroidery industry. After that, the guests went sightseeing onto Mandalay
		On 26 November, the Prime Minister and party  visited  Maha Muni  Pagoda in
Mandalay. Afterwards, the Prime Minister and goodwill  delegation left
Mandalay Airport by special flight and arrived at Heho Airport in Shan State
at 9.30 am.The Prime Minister and party, Phaung-daw-seik (Jetty) in  Nyaung-
shwe Township in a motorcade. They offered flowers, lights and Shwe-thin-gan(
Golden  Robe) and paid obeisance to PhaungdawU Buddha images. They proceeded
to Innlay Guest House on Innlay Lake. The Prime Minister  and party enjoyed
the Innlay traditional boat race. They left there by boat for Phaung-daw-seik.
The Prime Minister and wife and the goodwill delegation left Phaung-daw-seik
by car for Heho Airport. Mr. Sisavath Keobounphanh and Madame Khamla
Keobounphanh and goodwill delegation left Heho Airport by special flight back
for Lao People's Democratic Republic at 3 pm on 26 November. 
(2)		Over K 5000  Million Used in Education: Reforms Effected to Improve Life
of Teachers and 			Upgrade Students 
		Special Refresher Course No 34 for Basic Education Teachers was opened on 26
November in Nawarat Hall of the Central Institute of Civil Service, Hlegu
Township, Yangon Division, with an address by Chairman of Myanmar Education
Committe Secretary-1 of State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt.
		In his adress, Lt- Gen. Khin Nyunt stated that  the State Peace and
Development Council is giving priority with long-term plans for development of
human resources with aims at effective and valuable use of existing natural
resources for development of the country. Accordingly,   in the education
field, remarkable reforms that are modern and also in accord with norms of
Myanmar society are being effected for continuous  output of intelligentsia
and intellectuals who are patriotic and who excel in their own fields and who
would serve the interests of the State valiantly.  Teachers are being given
better qualifications in teaching by enabling them to pursue further  training
and education for  progress in their work, also through seminars, symposiums
and workshops, and modern computer and electronics technology training.
Teachers training institutes and schools are upgraded into colleges and linked
with the Institutes of Education,    so that matriculates could be able to
take teacher training continuously till graduation in education, getting jobs
as primary teachers on completion of the first year, middle school teachers on
completion of second year and high school teachers on completion of third and
fourth years getting degrees in education. There would also be training
courses for teachers who are yet  without certificates. This is a time when
priority is being given to education. Even when the State is having to
economise all round due to international economic situation, it has used as
much as over K 5000 million in education in this year 1998-1999. And there are
also contributions being made by the public, by well-wishers, successful
entrepreneurs, school honorary bodies etc. and parents.   The four-week course
is being attended by 1,501 teachers from states and divisions. 
(3)		Secretary-1 Attends Opening Ceremony of Myanmar National Commission
Office for 				UNESCO
		A ceremony to open the office of Myanmar National Commission for UNESCO was
held in the compound of the office of Myanmar Education Research Bureau on
Pyay Road in Kamayut Township on 26 November.  Chairman of Myanmar Education
Committee Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin
Nyunt formally opened the office. Also present were officials concerned and
Resident Representative of UNSCO Dr. Juan Anguilar, Mr. Kim of UNDP, Planning
Adviser to UNESCO Mr. M Robson and officials, Dr. Khin Mya Kyu of Myanmar
Cooperation Programme of UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, and specially
invited guests. 
		Chairman of Myanmar National Commission for UNESCO  Minister for Education
said the opening of the office of Myanmar National Commission for UNESCO
serves as an important mark of cooperation between Myanmar and UNESCO. UNESCO
came into being in 1946, and it has 143 member nations now.  Myanmar became a
member of UNESCO on 27 June 1949  and Myanmar, in cooperation with UNESCO, has
implemented many programmes and projects. Myanmar, in cooperation with UNESCO
has launched programmes of Education for All and adult literacy in education,
and it won two literacy awards in 1971 and 1983. In the cultural field, UNESCO
presented US $ 1.4 million for the renovation of Bagan pagodas damaged by an
earthquake in 1975. In education, with the assistance of UNESCO, important
programmes, works and projects have been implemented, and the education sector
study programme was launched in 1990. 
(4)		Secretary-1 Receives Assistant Secretary- General of  UN
		Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt
received Assistant Secretary-General of United Nations and Assistant
Administrative Officer of UNDP Dr.  Nay Dun and party at Dagon Yeiktha of the
Ministry of Defence  on 26 November.
(5)		Press Conference on Thailand Exhibition' 98
		A press conference related to Thailand Exhibition '98 was held at Hotel
Equatorial on 26 November. The exhibition was sponsored by TTF (Yangon) Co Ltd
and organized by Thai Department of Export Promotion with the permission of
the Ministry of Commerce under the arrangement of Myanmar-Thailand economic
cooperation programme. The Thai entrepreneurs will display automotive parts
and accessories chemical pharmaceutical products and medical supplies,
cosmetics, electrical product and parts, fashion goods and textiles, fishery
equipment, food, freight forwarding, furniture, paint supplies and stationery
at over 90 booths of the exhibition in Tatmadaw (Defense Services) Convention
Hall  from 3 to 6 December.
(6)		Minister Meets Chairman of Japan External Trade Organization
		Minister  Brig-Gen Abel met Chairman Mr Noboru Hatakeyama and party of Japan
External Trade Organization on 26 November. They discussed matters relating to
promotion of exports to Japan and bilateral economic cooperation between
Myanmar and Japan entrepreneurs.
(7)		Deputy Prime Minister Receives Chairman of JETRO
		Chairman of Myanmar Investment Commission received Chairman Mr Noboru
Hatakeyama and party of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) on 26
November. They discussed matters of mutual economic cooperation between
Myanmar and Japan and investment opportunities.