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ASSK's message to the International

Subject: ASSK's message to the International Conference

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Message to the International Conference on
"Universal Rights and Human Values: A Blueprint for Peace, Justice
and Freedom Edmonton, Canada, 26-28 November

May I begin by expressing my sincere regrets that I am unable to
join you here today. I would have wished to take part in the
discussions at this conference which, I have little doubt, will
provide valuable ideas and suggestions for making our planet a
safer, happier home for all of us. Largely due to the sad situation
of human rights in my own country, I am unable to attend this
conference in person and must therefore be content with sending a
short message.

The title of this conference could well be turned inside out
without distorting its true sense or diminishing its potency:
peace, justice and freedom could be viewed as universal values
which form the foundation of our demand for those basic human
rights that should be recognized by the international community and
guaranteed by every state in the world.

Few rational human beings anywhere, regardless of their race,
religion or culture, would deny the supreme value of peace, justice
and freedom in their positive, vigorous aspects. It is now widely
seen that peace should be more than the mere absence of war: it
should be a positive force that counters violence as a means of
resolving the problems of human society. Justice should not only
aim at controlling the negative traits in human nature, it should
work to promote a sense of fairness, compassion and universal
brotherhood. Freedom should be more than a lack of shackles, it
should mean an environment where the right to develop one's own
potential, without curbing that of others, can be exercised without

 The articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human
Rights are aimed at creating a human environment which will foster
peace, justice and freedom. Its preamble spells out the
indissoluble link between universal rights and human values, or
between universal values and human rights. This link will surely
become better established as a result of the endeavors of
conferences such as this, where scholars and statesmen,
international human rights activists and representatives of the
United Nations agencies gather to focus attention on this most
important of subjects: the right of all people to live full lives,
secure in their dignity as free and respected members of human

May I conclude by thanking those who have made it possible for me
to send this message and by extending my warm wishes for the
success of this conference to the conference organizers and to the

Aung San Suu Kyi

For more information please contact- Dr. Khin Saw Win at c1-403-439 7555.

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