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NLM: Minbya Towns

Subject: NLM:                   Minbya Township NLD dissolved 



Thursday, 26 Nov 1998    


                  Minbya Township NLD dissolved

YANGON, 25 NOV-The Executive Committee members and all members of Minbya
Township National League for Democracy Rakhine State have tendered their
and dissolved the Township NLD out of their own volition on 11 November 1998.

    Minbya Township NLD Rakhine State was first formed on 26 December 1988
with 20
EC members. Two of the EC members shifted to other townships and one died
leaving 17
Now all EC members of the Township NLD resigned from the party membership
out of
their own volition since they no longer wish to continue to take part in
NLD's political
activities. They notified the office of Minbya Township Multiparty
Democracy General
Election Commission and the chairman of the party concerned. On 11 November
personnel of the township NLD dissolved it by handing over the signboard,
seals and
documents to the Township Multiparty Democracy General Election Commission.

   Peace and economic development pre-requisite for democracy to
 Premature practice will lead to recurrence of weaknesses experienced
      in the past Unswerving efforts being made for flourishing of
         traditional culture of good discipline and rule of law

YANGON, 25 NOV Union Solidarity and Development Association Special
Refresher Course No 4, Executives Advanced Managements Course No 3 and
Management Course No 16 were opened m Pyidaungsu Hall of Central Public
Unit in Hmawby, Yangon Division, at 9 am today with the opening address by
Patron of
USDA Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council Commander-in-Chief of
Defence Services Senior General Than Shwe.

    The Senior General said it was a day of significance for the
association as well as the
trainees as USDA Special Refresher Courses No 4 Executives Advanced Management
Course No 3 and Executives Management  Course No 16 were opened today.


The opportunity to study the functions, success and prospects of the
ministries will also
enable them to know the sectors and businesses, in which they should
organize and help the

As further courses such as advanced courses and special refresher courses
are being
conducted for the trainees, who have gained good foundations at the
management courses,
they get the significant opportunity to learn practical organization subjects.

The national goal of the State Is to build a peaceful, modern and developed
nation, and
fully qualified and able human resources are essential requirements for
realizing the goal.

The main task In striving for the emergence of a peaceful, modern and
developed nation,
which Is the national goal of the State, Is for national peace and

Enduring democracy system can be practiced successfully If the two
requirements are

The basic requirements for the flourishing of the democracy system are
national peace and
stability and progress.

Practising of the democracy system without peace and stability will lead to