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Information Sheet No- A-0708 (I)

Information  Sheet

                               No- A-0708 (I)

(1)		Workshop on Oceanography of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea Begins

		A ceremony to open the workshop on Oceanography of the Bay of Bengal and the
Andaman Sea, organized by scientists of Myanmar and India, was held at Yangon
University Diamond Jubilee Hall  on 25 November. Three Indian scholars
presented four papers to the workshop. Two papers by two Indian officials and
five papers by five Myanmar officials will be presented to the workshop on 26
November. Altogether five Indian and 27 Myanmar scholars of respective
departments are taking part in the discussions.

(2)		UMEHL Gems Sale on 15 Jan 1999

		A Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited will sell gems and jade on
bargain and auction systems at Myanma Gems Mart at 66, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road on
15 January 1999. Checking of the gems and jade will be at the same venue from
11 to 14 January. Registration fee for buyers is K 4,000 each for locals and
US $ 20 for foreigners. Local merchants are invited to sell their gems, jade
or jewellery at the sale. For more information contact Myanmar Ruby Enterprise
at 24/26 Sule Pagoda Road (287328, 285582) or Myanmar Imperial Jade at the
same address (285074, 285584).

(3)		Computer Technicians and Entrepreneurs Delegation Leave for Malaysia

		A 16-member computer technicians and entrepreneurs delegation led by Pro-
Rector of Mandalay Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Vice Chairman
of Myanmar Computer Federation and General Secretary left on 24 November to
attend General Assembly of Asian Oceanian Computing Industry Organization
(ASOCIO) to be held from 25 to 26 November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

(4)		Myanmar Delegation Leaves for Vietnam

		Myanmar delegation led ;by Managing Director of Myanma Motion Picture
Enterprise and Secretary of Motion Picture Association left Yangon for Vietnam
by air on 25 November to attend ASEAN Film Week in Hanoi from 26 to 30
November 1998.

(5)		First Myanmar Women's Conference to be Held on 6 December

		A preliminary meeting for holding the First Myanmar Women's Conference was
held at Social Welfare Department on 25 November. The First Myanmar Women's
Conference will be held at the International Business Centre form 6 to 9
December with the objectives for development of women's life, striving for
strengthening of women's opportunities, safeguarding national culture, by
women with national spirit and all women's participation in the respective
roles in nation-building tasks.

(6)		Journalists Leave for Training Course in Manila 

		Two journalists of the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of
Information, left on 25 November for Manila, the Philippines, to attend the
Training Course for Trainers of ASEAN Journalists there from 27 November to 8
December. The course is sponsored by Konrad Adenaur Foundation.

(7)		Director of UPSA Pain Institute Calls on Minister for Health

		Director Dr. Jean Danil Ruiz of the UPSA Pain Institute of France called on
Minister for Health at his office on 24 November for providing assistance to
the Pain Clinic Centre at Yangon General Hospital.

Special Feature
		This office is presenting an interview with Lt-Col. Hla Min of the Office of
Strategic Studies by Radio Australia for your information.

CUE:	A Burmese government spokesman, Col Hla Min, on Tuesday defended the
policy of keeping opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) activists in
government guest houses, saying the NLD leadership should put the interests of
national security first.  He said the NLD members were being treated well
[BANDS ONE AND TWO].  In an interview with Radio Australia he described NLD
leader Aung San Suu Kyi as " misinformed," and denied that the opposition was
gaining the upper hand [BAND THREE].
Col HLA MIN in English
Those who are remaining for further talks are being comfortably housed and
well fed and they are being treated with courtesy and respect.  The government
has no wish to detain them for any longer than necessary and regret the
inconvenience to those involved.  We hope that with the cooperation and good
will of the NLD leadership the rest of the NLD members will soon be home.
Dur: 0' 24"
As above 
Of course we are in the process of exchanging views.  The more they understand
the importance of national security and the more they accept that it is much
more important than party politics, and once we come to that agreement I think
it will no longer be necessary for the government to keep continuing
exchanging views.  We don't want to invite them there in the first place, but
the situation the NLD has put the government in, we have no choice but to do
whatever is necessary to safeguard our national interest and national
Dur: 0'  42"
As above
I don't understand what she [Aung San Suu Kyi] means by the wind is blowing in
her favour, because I think probably she has been misinformed, or probably she
cannot see reality.  We have already initiated the talks with the NLD
leadership which, unfortunately, was unilaterally rejected by the NLD for
further meetings.
Dur: 0' 28"
Total dur: 1'  34"
Quality: fair
Source: Radio Australia in English, 1005 gmt, 24 Nov 98