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NLM: Taunggyi Township NLD dissolv

Subject: NLM:  Taunggyi Township NLD dissolved 



Wednesday, 25 Nov 1998    


                     Taunggyi Township NLD dissolved

YANGON, 24 Nov-The Executive Committee members and all members of Taunggyi
Township National League for Democracy have tendered their resignations and
dissolved the
Township NLD out of their own volition on 21 November 1998.

    Taunggyi Township NLD was first formed on 26 October 1989 with 20 EC
members but the
number was reduced considerably due to transfer, resignations, deaths and
other reasons. Out of 20
EC members, only eight were left. The remaining EC members held a meeting
at the house of
Chairman of Township NLD U Kyi Aye on 21 November 1998. They then resigned
from the party
membership and EC membership out of their own volition since they no longer
wish to continue to
take part in NLD's political activities. They notified the office of
Taunggyi Township Multiparty
Democracy General Election Commission and the chairman of the party
concerned. Personnel of
the township NLD dissolved it by handing over the furniture, documents,
seals and signboard to the
Township Multiparty Democracy General Election Commission.