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KNU Press Release No.42/98 (r)


					KNU Press Release No 42/98
			Regarding human Rights Violation by SPDC and DKBA
													November 25,98

Nyang-la-bin District

*25-10-98: SPDC army LB 73column (2) at the strength of 79 led by 
commander Soe Paing went into Mar-lar- daw village, Kyaukkyi township 
and forcibly gathered 40 person including women and took them away 
as porters to Saw-tay-doe and keh-po-doe villages.

*26-10-98: Troops from SPDC army known as "Sa thone Lone" forcibly 
relocated Wai-gyi-and Lu-ah villages which was locate in the western 
side of Mon  township to Wai-gyi-ywa-ma village.

*27-10-98: A column of SPDC army IB 73 led by commander Soe Paing 
again collected 38 porters more from mar-Lar-daw village and sent 
them to Saw-tay-doe  to carry food supplies.

1-11-98: Troops from from SPDC army IB 39 went into Mar-Lar-daw 
village and forcibly gathered 30 porters and to them to Saw-tay doe 

*13-11-98: At 11 a.m. troops from SPDC army LIB 351 led by Maj. Khum 
Maung shot at Pah Naw Tu ,18 years, from Saw-theh-hta village and he 
was badly wounded.

Pa-Pun District

*9-11-98: Troops from SPDC army went into Thaw-khe-doe village, 
Plaw-kaw-khee area, Lu-thaw township and killed Saw Gaw lee in his 
paddy field hut and later burned down the hut. On that day this 
column captured Naw Aye Shwe and Naw Ray Shwe from Thaw-khe-doe 
village and looted materials from them as follows: 1 gold necklace, 
1 silver necklace, 2 gold rings, 2 silver rings. 1 pair of earrings, 
13 silver coins and 2,000 bahts. In addition the troops also burned 
down 13 houses and 1 paddy field  hut at Plaw-kee-doe village and 1 
paddy barm containing 85 baskets of paddy owned by Saw Maung Play 
from Thaw-khe-doe village.

Pa-an  District

*8-11-98: SPDC army LIB 547 and some DKBA troops from battalion No 3 
went into Htee-klay village and burned down 2 houses owned by naw Nya 
Min and Naw Moo Lo . These troops also forcibly took away a pair of 
oxen owned by Saw Maung Shwe.

12-11-98: Saw Ta Khu, age 30 from Htee Klay village was caught by a 
land mine which was set up by DKBA  troops commanded by Moe Gyo, and 
 lost one leg.

*14-11-98: Troops from SPDC army LIB 547 combined with some DKBA  
troops from No (3) Bn made their activities in Htee-klay village 
tract. Na boo township and burned down 4 houses owned by villagers 
namely (1) Twee Mee Kwee (2) Saw Ta Dah (3) Manh Pa Nyein and (4) Ah 

Words & Abbreviations: Kyat=Name of Burmese currency; SPDC = State 
peace and Development Council (Military dictatorship of Burma); LIB = 
Light Infantry  Battalion; IB = Infantry Battalion; DKBA= Democratic 
Kayin Buddhist Army (Puppet army of the SPDC)

(Translated, printed and distributed by Karen Information Center)