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Information Sheet N0.A-0704(I)

Information  Sheet

                               N0.A-0704(I)             23rd  November 1998

(1)		Delegates Arrive for ASEAN Meeting

		Delegates of ASEAN nations arrived Yangon by air on 22 November morning and
evening to attend the Evaluation and Pre-Production Meeting for ASEAN in
Action V.  They are: Ms. Faridah Onn of Singapore, Ms. Helen Thu Moi Chin of
Brunei, Mr. Sangkhane Choumkhamphanh of LPDR, Mr. Chuari Selamat of Malaysia,
Ms. Evelyn Agato of the Philippines, Mrs. Amporn Somosokn of Thailand and Mr.
Ta Quiang Dong of Vietnam.

(2)		Myanmar Delegation Leaves for India

		At the invitation of the Government of India, Myanmar delegation led by
Deputy Minister for Industry-2  left for India by air on 22 November  to
discuss mutual economic cooperation and observe factories.