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NEWS - U.N. to Resume Myanmar Refug

Subject: NEWS - U.N. to Resume Myanmar Refugee Repatriations this Week

NOTE: Contact the U.N. about assuring/ guarenteeing their protection
upon return to Burma.  How many will be arrested or beaten or raped ???

U.N. to Resume Myanmar Refugee Repatriations this Week


            GENEVA (AP) -- The United Nations refugee agency said
            Tuesday it will resume repatriations of Myanmar refugees
            from camps in Bangladesh this week. 

            Fifty refugees will leave Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh on
            Wednesday to travel by boat and road to Maungdaw in
            Myanmar, also known as Burma, said Judith Kumin,
            spokeswoman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

            A quarter of a million Myanmar Muslims fled to Bangladesh
            in 1991, accusing Myanmar's military of murder, rape and
            forced unpaid labor. 

            Most have been sent back home under UNHCR supervision.
            But many others, living in two camps in Bangladesh, have
            refused to return for fear of persecution. 

            Some 7,000 of the remaining 21,800 refugees are expected
            to return in the latest operation, Kumin said. It could take
            some time to complete because Myanmar authorities are
            allowing repatriations only once a week, she added. 

            Kumin stressed that only those who want to go will be
            leaving and families will not be separated. 

            The refugees will be met by UNHCR staff and will receive
            household goods, a cash grant and food. 

            Meanwhile, Rajsoomer Lallah, the U.N. human rights expert
            on Myanmar, has had his latest request to visit Myanmar
            refused, said Jose Diaz, spokesman for the U.N. High
            Commissioner for Human Rights. 

            Lallah instead will travel to Thailand to visit sites along
            border. In April, the U.N. human rights commission
            condemned Myanmar for widespread rights abuses.