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NEWS - Counterfeit U.S. Dollar Deal

Subject: NEWS - Counterfeit U.S. Dollar Dealers Nabbed in Myanmar

NOTE: Probally real bills, but since hard dollar currency is not allowed
as noted below, they simply found businessmen (or other) that possessed
alot U.S. dollars and took it for themselves and reported the person as
a criminal.  Just like the Mafia and various other organizations in the

Counterfeit U.S. Dollar Dealers Nabbed in Myanmar


            YANGON (Nov. 23) XINHUA - The Myanmar authorities
            nabbed seven dealers of counterfeit notes of U.S. dollars
            100 and 50 here last month, official newspaper The New
            Light of Myanmar confirmed Monday. 

            The 74 counterfeit notes, seized by the Myanmar Police
            Force at a restaurant in Mayangon township on October 6,
            were obtained from dealers at a Thai border town of Maesot.

            Action will be taken against the seven for the dealing of
            counterfeit dollar notes, the report said. 

            According to Myanmar's financial law, hard currency is not
            allowed for circulation domestically. Foreign Exchange
            Certificate was introduced in 1993 Instead, and has been
            used as U.S. dollar in equivalent value.