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Thanatpin Township NLD dissolved



Sunday, 22 Nov 1998    


               Thanatpin Township NLD dissolved

YANGON, 21 Nov-All Executive Committee members of National League for
Democracy in
Thanatpin Township, Bago Division, have tendered their resignations and
dissolved the Township
NID out of their own volition. 
Thanatpin Township NID, Bago Division, was first formed with seven
Executive Committee
members on 15 October 1988 and it was extended with 21 EC members on 26
April 1991. On 2
August 1996, the Township NLD was EC members.No 251 executives and 705
members of three
Ward and 33 Village-tracts and all EC members of Township NLD resigned from
the party
membership out of their own volition since they no longer wished to
continue to participate in NLD
political activities. They notified the office of Thanatpin Township
Multiparty Democracy General
Election Commission and the chairman of the party concerned. On I8
November, personnel of the
township NLD dissolved it by handing over the signboard, seals and
documents to the Township
Multiparty Democracy General Election Commission.