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Current situation on NLD's taking o

Subject: Current situation on NLD's taking of confrontational course  and its attempts                    to forcibly convene Hluttaw  clarified 



Monday, 23 Nov 1998    

Current situation on NLD's taking of confrontational course and its attempts
                   to forcibly convene Hluttaw clarified

YANGON, 22- Nov-A news briefing on the current situation regarding the
National League for
Democracy's collusion with illegal organizations within the country and
certain agencies abroad to
confront the government and authentic follow-up news after the party's
attempt to forcibly convene
the Hluttaw was held at the Tatmadaw Guest House on Inya Road here at 930
am today.

    It was attended by Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs U Khin Maung
Win, Deputy Chief of the
Office of the Strategic Studies Deputy Director of the Defence Services
Intelligence Brig-Gen
Kyaw Win and the heads of department of OSS, Ambassadors, Charges
d'Affaires ai and Military
Attaches of foreign embassies here, Resident Representatives and officials
of UN Agencles here,
Patron U Sein Win, President U Sao Kai Hpa and members of Foreign
Correspondents Club,
Director (News, U Hla Tun of the Editor of Myanmar News Agency (Internal) U
Zaw Min Thein,
Chief Editors and editors of the dailies, officials and guests.

General Staff Officer (Grade I) of OSS Lt-Col Hla Min clarified the current
situation.He said:
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press:-

At the press conference held on October 8th, 1998, we recounted to you how
the National League
for Democracy, in collusion with illegal organizations within the country
and certain agencies abroad,
tired forcibly and unlawfully to convene the Hluttaw.

As you are all aware, the state authorities, in order to prevent a
recurrence of such undesirable
confrontations, have made arrangements for selected NLD party members and
representatives to take up temporary residence at State Guest Houses. The
purpose of today's
meeting is to apprise you of the latest developments in regard to this matter.

    Subsequent to the temporary sequestration of its members;  and elected
representatives, the
NLD has been issuing statement after statement, alleging that they''have
been illegally arrested and
are being subjected to severe maltreatment and torture and intense pressure
to quit the NLD. Today
we propose to place before you the true facts of the case.

    Convening of the Hluttaw is the prerogative of the State and in the
absence of a Constitution is
not possible. The endeavour of a political party to convene the Hluttaw on
its own constitutes a
contravention of existing laws, and the very declaration of such intent may
be regarded as an
infringement of the law.
    It is the bounden duty of the State to prevent such misguided
activities, forestall violent
confrontations and to maintain law and order. Accordingly, arrangements
were made for NLD party
members and elected representatives from various constituencies to take up
temporary residence at
State Guest Houses in their respective areas from the 6th of September
onwards. A total of 200
NLD Representatives and 651 party members were included in these arrangements.

    The temporary restraining order represents the utmost leniency on the
part of the government and
is intended to prevent violent confrontations which, should they occur,
would constitute a serious
infraction of the law.

    Subsequently (63) NLD Representatives and (321) party members who
undertook not to
participate in such illegal activities were returned to their homes.

    In addition, the guests were sent home on two separate occasions,
namely, on October 22nd and
again on November 7th to enable them to take care of outstanding financial
and personal matters
and to spend the night with their families.
    AU throughout their period  of stay at State Guest Houses, the guests
were provided with the
best culinary fare, social arrangements and medical attention. With regard
to medical care, medical
specialists from the Base Military Hospital gave them weekly medical
checkups and provided them
with the necessary treatment and medicines, not only for their current
ailments but for their medical
problems of long standing. In effect they were given medical treatment that
matched that available at
the best private clinics and hospitals of their own choosing.
    Furthermore arrangements were made for correspondence with family
members s and for the
sending of preferred dishes, medicines and personal effects to the guests
by their families. On
ceremonial occasions and in cases of personal bereavement the guests were
urged to attend and all
assistance possible was provided them.
    I should now like to touch upon the matter of the voluntary dosing-down
of NLD Patty
Headquarters and resignation of NLD Representatives and Patty members of
various townships
from the National League for Democracy. These resignations reflect their
own decisions and are in
no way due to any pressure exerted upon them. Township NLD party signboards
were dismantled
and delivered, together with party seals, to the National Electoral
Commissions or to NLD Party

    The Township Party Headquarters that were voluntarily dissolved include 
Thanbyu Zayat Township Party Headquarters, 
Sittway Township Party Headquarters, 
Bilin Township Party Headquarter, 
Ponna-gyun Township Party Headquarters, 
Mrauk-U Township Party Headquarters,
Kyauk-taw Township party Headquarters, 
Seik-Kyee Khanaung-To Township Party Headquarters, 
Mong-Khat Township Party Headquarters, 
Phyapon Township Party Headquarters, and 
Thanatpin Township Party Headquarters. 

The numbers resigning are as follows:

Than-byu-Zayat Township (16), 
Myitkyina Township (44), - 
Sittway Township (8), 
Waingmaw Township (56), 
Bilin Township (21), 
Ponnagyun Township (14), 
MraukU Township (8),
Day-de-ye Township (20), 
Paung Township (38), 
Mandalay Township (7), 
Kyauk-taw Township (17), 
Seik-kyee-Khanaung-to Township (7), 
Mong-khat Township (6), 
Phyapon Township (41),
Thanatpin Township (956), for a total of (1,259) resignations.

In addition to the above, NLD party members and representatives' from 
Monywa Township,
Htantabin Township, 
Pantanaw Township, 
Mawlamyaing-gyun Township and 
Bogalay Township
are in the process of dismantling their party apparatus and the relevant
statistics regarding their
resignations will be announced by the authorities in due course.

    Whether the resignations of NLD party members and Representatives from
the National League
for Democracy were the result of undue pressure or force exerted upon them
by the authorities may
be judged from the recent press conference given by the representatives
from Bilin and
Thanbyu-zayat Townships.

    Next, video features on the interviews with members of Thanbyuzayat and
Bilin Township
National League for Democracy were presented. In the video feature, members
of the Township
NLDs said they resigned from NLD out of their own volition and not under
pressure of any
individual or organization since they did not wish to engage' in party
politics any longer. The NLD
members also said the objective condition in the country was that the
government had been striving
for the development of the nation in all aspects.
    Afterwards, Lt-Col Hla Min of OSS and Deputy Minister for Foreign
Affairs U Khin Maung
Win replied to questions asked by local and foreign correspondents,
Ambassadors, CDAs and
officials of the embassies. The news briefing ended at 10.35 am.


                    Mongyang Township NLD dissolved

YANGON, 22 Nov-All Executive Committee members of National League for
Democracy in
Mongyang Township, eastern Shan State, have tendered their resignations and
dissolved the
Township NLD out of their own volition.
    Mongyang Township NLD, eastern Shan State, was first formed with twelve
Committee members and U Sam Maha as Chairman on 20 March 1989. Patron U Sam
Chairman U Sam Maha and Vice-Chairman U Sam Nu resigned on 28 June 1997
from the party
membership out of their own volition since they no longer wished to
continue to participate in NLD's
political activities. Patron Daw Nang Ting Khan Secretary Sai Kyat and EC
member Daw Nang
Lon shifted to other township.
    Now Joint Secretary U Sai Non Tip and EC members U Sai Yi Tip, U Sai
Sam Non, U Sai Phe
Don, Daw Nang Wo Khan and U Sai Sein Nyunt, all together six, were left in
the party. On 18
November 1998, they notified the office of Mongyang Township Multiparty
Democracy General
Election Commission that they no longer wished to continue to participate
in NLD's political
activities and resigned from the party membership out of their own volition
and dissolved township
NLD by handing over the documents to the Township Multiparty Democracy
General Election