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KSO statement 5/98 (r)

Karen Solidarity Organization
Statement Declaration No 5/98

1. The Seventh Center Committee Meeting of Karen Solidarity Organization was
held on Nov 15, 1998 to which 36 KSO members from regional and departmental
were attended and the following decisions were made. 
A. To call for KSO emergency congress meeting. 
B. To celebrate Karen new year on 20th December, 1998, 
C. To organize WG-KNU Karen national seminar. 
D. To form KSO woman's Organizing Committee.

2. KSO Congress meeting was planned to be held with in January 99 and new
election for KSO center committee members will be made.
3. It was confirmed that OKRSO would supervise and preside over the 20th
December Karen new celebration, KSO's Organizing and Culture Department will
coordinate with OKRSO for necessary arrangement.
4. In the case of WG-KNU plan for Karen National Seminar, KSO regards it as a
necessary step for Karen National unification and the participation of Karen
mass and various Karen Social and political organizations must give top
priority. To materialized this National Seminar for Karen unification plan. 
(a) Ajanwod 
(b) Karinsupp 
(c) David Utint 
(d) Mr.Granharn 
(e) Mahn Lorene Po 
(f) Sutra Chi 
(g) Pu Ta Moo

Note: it will also extend to include Buddhist monks in this unification plan.

5. KSO Woman Organizing Committee was formed on Nov 15, 1998 with the
Chairwoman Naw Thaw Rey Marvel 
Vice Chairwoman Naw Hsa Htoo 
Secretary Naw Moe Ner 
Joint Secretary Naw Rose Mary

Committee members are: 
- Nant Than Than Lwin 
- Naw Tamala Htoo 
- Naw Kelle 
- Naw Linda 
- Naw Cornie Zan 
- Naw Paw Lel La 
- Naw Mu Mu Zan 
- Naw Delta Paw 
- Naw Betty

6. The resignation letter of Mahn Kleid, head of KSO's health department, was
accepted and confirmed his resignation as KSO's health department head during
the seventh KSO center committee as he is now full-time working at the UNHCR
7. KSO's Computer Training Course Serial No 1/98 was successfully completed in
Oct /98 and another Community Organizing Training Serial No. 1/98 will be
conducted soon at the border area on 1st December.
8. KSO is greatly disturbed by a letter written by KNU president Gen. Saw Bo
Mya to Democratic Alliances accusing KSO and WG-KNU of an opposition parties
and an elements that creating obstacles and hindering the activities of KNU
revolution course and Karen National Unity. We, KSO regards this letter as
politically immature. In this moment of resisting our common enemy (SPDC /
SLORC) different Democratic Forces and Organization may have various political
opinions but can be negotiate and settled amicable. KSO strongly believed that
different Democratic Alliances have valued the essence of Democracy and Human
Rights and understands KSO for it role in the Karen National Unification