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Myanmar holds activists hostage to

Subject: Myanmar holds activists hostage to NLD demands 

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Myanmar holds activists hostage to NLD demands 


MYANMAR'S junta yesterday accused Aung San Suu Kyi's opposition of blocking
dialogue with the government, effectively warning that detained activists
were hostages to her demands for a meeting of parliament. 

The fate of hundreds of National League for Democracy (NLD) members confined
to government "guest houses" lay with NLD leaders, said top government
spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Hla Min. 

"The sooner the NLD decides to retract their intentions to holding this
parliament, the sooner the rest of the people would be returned home," he
said at a briefing attended by more than 30 foreign diplomats here. NLD
leaders called earlier this year for the convening of the parliament which
arose out of its landslide victory in 1990 polls which the military
government has not recognised. 

The NLD is due to hold its own briefing today. Its demand for a parliament
prompted the junta's nationwide campaign against the being set free. 

According to government figures yesterday, 384 NLD members had been set free
and 467 "still remain as guests of the government". 

The NLD says 182 MPs are detained along with 701 other activists. -- AFP