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Welcome to burma-open-forum-list: N

Subject: Welcome to burma-open-forum-list: New Forum Opened:

Welcome to burma-open-forum-list: New Forum Opened:

Dear Freedom-lovers:

The following fowarded letter is to inform you that you now own your own
News Server, "Burma-Open-Forum-List."

Read the welcome statement.

This server is owned by the people of Burma.
If you are committed to freedom struggle of the people of Burma, you
actually own it.

Kyaw Kyaw Htut

Doing what you like is freedom.
Liking what you do is happiness.
***********Read Somewhere  in India***********
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 Burma's Open Forum - List


 Welcome to BURMA's OPEN NET. This net is provided to all people who want
 to express their views and ideas on issues of Burma. This net is not
 affiliated to any particular organization or any group. Therefore, there
 is no strings attached to it. There is no editor, no moderator, and no
 owner. This net is owned by all people who love to see the prosperous,
 modernized, democratic, and strong Burma. There will be absolutely no
 censorship at all. Here, all little guys, whose voices are clamored and
 unheard on the political arena, can voice their concern, attitude, views,
 ideas, and criticism. Let's make it happen together as a powerful and
 colorful net which will have an impact in the process of transforming NEW
 BURMA. This is BURMA's OPEN NET which is your own net. All can subscribe
 easily and if you want, you can unsubscribe easily too. No one will not
 be taken out of the list against his or her wish.