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Vietnam villagers save stricken Mya

Subject: Vietnam villagers save stricken Myanmar sailors 

Vietnam villagers save stricken Myanmar sailors
10:48 p.m. Nov 20, 1998 Eastern
HANOI, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Vietnamese villagers in a central coastal province
rescued 21 Myanmar sailors after their ship ran into trouble during a
tropical storm, official media reported on Saturday.

One sailor was killed and three others injured out of the crew of 22 when
the storm battered the vessel on Thursday evening off the coast of Vietnam's
Phu Yen province, the official Nhan Dan (People) daily reported. It said the
7,000-tonne ship, called the Sunny, was en route from Hong Kong to Malaysia.

The vessel, registered in Panama, did not sink but the crew had to abandon
ship, the newspaper added.

No further details were available nor was there any information on what
cargo the vessel was carrying.

Tropical storm Dawn has lashed central Vietnam with heavy rains in recent
days, although few deaths have been reported.