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NLD Statement 106 (in English)

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement 106 (11/98)

Contents of letter dated 12 November 1998 from the Chairman of the 
National League for Democracy to the Chairman of the State Peace and 
Development Council relating to " illegal closing down of NLD township 
branches " are herewith published and distributed .

(BEGINNING)  " 1. The National League for Democracy is a legally 
constituted and registered national political party that is operating 
legitimately under the provisions of law  promulgated by the State Law 
and Order Restoration Council (presently the State Peace and Development 
Council). The League includes all the organising bodies of the Central, 
States, Divisions, Townships, Wards and the groups designated by the 
Central Body  for specific projects.

	2. The legitimately constituted bodies in the townships are now being 
destroyed and obliterated by the military intelligence units through the 
use of force and illegal tactics such as:-
(a) The sovereign power which resides in the people according to 
democratic principles has been through free and fair elections 
transferred and vested in their elected representatives who are members 
of the NLD. However, the military intelligence units are presently 
illegally arresting and holding in their custody those elected 
representatives who have not in any way violated any provision of law. 
Most of these elected parliamentarians have the added responsibility of 
action as either chairman or secretary of  the organising committees in 
the townships. They are unable to fulfil their obligations and duties as 
such because they have been illegally held in  detention and the blame 
must be placed squarely on the military intelligence personnel.
(b) Almost all of the members of the organising committees in the 
States, Divisions, Townships, wards and villages have been taken into 
custody illegally for no reason. Therefore no legitimate activities can 
be carried out in the townships. The blame for this lies with the 
military intelligence units.
(c) In some cases, military intelligence personnel have released some 
members of organising committees and through intimidation, torture, 
mental and physical persecution forced the closure of the branches have 
been voluntarily closed down. The publications relating to these 
closures are identical in form and matter except for the particulars 
regarding the address, department and population which is proof of their 
dishonesty and mala fide conduct.

3. The above mentioned activities of the authorities is totally illegal 
and a contradiction to the " rule of law " which is being publicly 
proclaimed. It is conduct that never should be practised. 

4. The State Law and Order Restoration Council ( now the State Peace and 
Development Council) promulgated the Political Parties Registration Law  
on 27-9-89 and it is incumbent that the provision of this law be adhered 
to by the law makers themselves otherwise what merit is there . All, 
monks and laymen alike must respect the law. Law makers should not be 
law breakers.

5. Section 3 of the said law clearly states that registration will be 
void if there is  a contravention of the rules made under the provisions 
of this law. The National League for Democracy has not contravened any 
of the rules and to this date holds the position of a legally 
constituted political party operating for democracy and human rights. 
Moreover, the people voted resoundingly for NLD candidates in the 
multiparty elections in 1990 which makes the NLD the peoples party.

6. The destruction of the branches of the NLD in the present manner by 
military intelligence units is extremely ultra vires ( beyond legal 
authority or right). Defenceless members of township organising 
committees are bullied and coerced into closing down the branches. It is 
unjust, autocratic and the most abusive use of power.

7. Apart from closing down these branches, the properties belonging to 
the NLD such signboard, seals , books and paperS have been confiscated 
and deposited with the branch organisation under the multiparty 
elections commission. They have no right to take over the said 
properties. With   regard to this issue, the NLD will be taking legal 
appropriate action. Branches of the NLD do not  have the authority to 
close down on their own volition. These closure and extinguishment is 
not recognised or acceptable to the central body. It is altogether 
repudiated. Repeat-altogether repudiated.   Therefore, as far as we are 
concerned they still exits legally.

8. Despite the tribulations and obstacles that are being put in the path 
of attaining this honourable goal of democracy and human rights for the 
country, the NLD persistently strives on. We strongly object and 
denounce the military intelligence units that are forcefully destroying 
the branches of the organisation. We urge you to immediately stop the 
said activities of those persons in authority.

9. The illegal activities of the Military Intelligence causing 
unjustifiable closures of branches by force, intimidation and unlawful 
pressures are publicised in the state-controlled press, journals radio 
and TV. We urge you to give us equal time and space to express our point 
of view by publishing this letter.

10. The activities of the authorities amounts to inscribing a very dark 
blotch in the pages of our national political history which their 
children and our children will witness in relation to the development of 
democracy and our national political affairs " (END)

Today, at this stage, all those who are poor and powerless are suffering 
at the hands of those who have usurped power and are clinging to it. 
They are being lied to and deceived, persecuted and used as hostages. 
They suffer in silence. They can not retaliate.

We declare that the responsibility to  abolish all that is happening 
today lies heavily on us, the National League for Democracy.

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

13 November 1998.

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