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NEWS - 135-Year-Old Atlas Depicts T

Subject: NEWS - 135-Year-Old Atlas Depicts Tibet, Taiwan Part of China

NOTE: Koxinga invaded Taiwan sometime before 1662.  They demanded
tribute from Malaysia and the Philippines (1662) or be invaded.  The Han
chinese Dynasties invaded Burma, Vietnam and other Asian areas over the
centuries as they did to Tibet.  Currently the REAL Taiwanese don't want
the Han (Kuomintang) to re-link with China.  The Chinese government is
as imperialistic as the Dutch, British and Portugeuese have been.  That
does not make it TRUE parts of China.  
  In 1658, the Manchu (Qing) defeated the Ming Dynasty and Prince Yung
Li escaped into Burma until 1660.

135-Year-Old Atlas Depicts Tibet, Taiwan Part of China


            SHENYANG (Nov. 20) XINHUA - A set of atlases printed 135
            years ago has been discovered in northeast China's
            Liaoning Province in which readers will find that Tibet and
            Taiwan were already a part of China at that time. 

            The atlas was published in 1863 when Emperor Tong Zhi of
            the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) ruled the country. It contains
            3,000 maps in its 26 volumes, including two world maps. 

            According to Li Shoufeng, this well-preserved atlas outlines
            the territory of the Qing Dynasty in both text and pictures,
            well as neighboring Japan, Russia, Myanmar and Korea. 

            "These old maps again remind people that Tibet and Taiwan
            are inalienable parts of China," Li noted. 

            The atlas was kept in a duke's palace in the region before
            1949 when New China was founded. Archeologists believe it
            was a gift from the central government of the Qing Dynasty. 

            The atlas is now on display in the local archives bureau.