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NLD Statement 107 on National Day (

Subject: NLD Statement 107 on National Day (In English)

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine 
Bahan Township, Rangoon

TAZAUNGMONE, (1360 B.E.) 13 November 1998

Statement 107 (11/98)

1. The 10th waning day of tazaungmone (1360 B. E), the 13 November 1998, 
is the 78th anniversary of the National day of Burma. This landmark in 
the history of Burma's independence came about not only because of the 
1920 Students Strike by the university students who objected to the 
University Education Act. It was an act of disobedience in the struggle 
to uproot the existing oppressive colonial system. It is also a landmark 
that signalled the beginning of a resistance movement by students and 
the youth that was opposed to imperialist and fascist systems for the 
purpose of finally achieving freedom and independence.

2. The National League for Democracy values and appreciates the 
students, monks, and citizens who played a park in the national movement 
and struggle for independence. We also are convinced that the principle 
purpose of the 1920 national movement was to achieve democracy and human 

3. However, although independence was obtained it is most distressing to 
see that not only are freedom, justice and equality further away from 
the people of Burma, but we on the verge of loosing democracy and basic 
human rights. More than, there is no guarantee or hope for the 
attainment of basic human rights and a genuine high standard  of 
education and health. That is why the National League for Democracy is 
constantly and continuously striving and demanding democracy  and human 
rights. Only when  a genuine democratic system is established, basic 
human rights can be guaranteed and we  can be successful in reaching our 

4. It is normal for youth to want change and clamour for new, open and 
accountable conditions in politics, commerce, and social welfare and to 
actively demonstrate their needs. These activities should be responded 
to by the authorities by consolation to achieve resolutions that will 
bring about advancement, peace and stability in the country.

5. It was the students who nobly played a leading role in the 1920 
colonial era students strike, the 1963 students strike, and the 1938 
students and oil workers strike. Because of their strong and far 
reaching activities in the 1920 students strike the colonial education 
was successfully overturned and many national schools and even a 
national college (temporary) were established. It was these national 
schools that produced our national leaders and martyrs, architects of 
our independence, Bogyoke Aung San and other gallant warriors.

6. Today, the role of the youth and students is diminishing because the 
spirit of leadership in them is broken and crushed. Education is 
relegated to the thrash heap. The attitude of the authorities to " turn 
a blind eye and push into the jungle " has resulted in deterioration and 
devastation. With no education, and a circumscribed role for the youth 
and students, the nation will be faced with a bleak and dim future. " Of 
all the strengths, education is the greatest". It should be remembered 
that" genuine education creates people with character while spurious 
education is for the benefit of one individual or one group of one class 
of people and to produce people that can be manipulated to serve them." 
A country cannot prosper and advance in any way when it is depleted of 
academics and skilled professionals. Also,  there can be no advancement 
politically or socially.  Closure of schools has brought about this 

7. Not appreciating the importance of the youth ; being void of feeling 
of human compassion and empathy; the high cost of education; the 
minimising of students position and role; closure of schools for years; 
failure to settle amicably the demands of students but arresting ,  
beating and persecuting them whenever demonstrations occur; 
discrimination against the students population and only cultivating and 
showing favour to a few are some of the factors and practices that 
should not happen. this destroys the fabric of society and is in no way 
good for the future of the country.

8. No one can deny that the closure of the universities for such a long 
period of time is a great loss to the students and the country. The 
National League for Democracy is fully aware of this and for this reason 
the Committee representing the Pyithu Hluttaw  in its Notification 
Number 2 resolved that is would recommend to the Pyithu Hluttaw that the 
University Act be reviewed and revised.

9. On 24 August 1998, the Rangoon University students and on 2 August, 
1998, the Rongoon Institute of Technology students conducted peaceful 
demonstrations relating to their dissatisfaction with the education 
system. The National League for Democracy in its statement 44 (9/98) 
dated 4/9/98 emphatically declared and advised the authorities not to 
use force and that instead of arresting the students they should listen 
to the demands of the students and with a spirit of understanding 
resolve the conflict amicably.

10. The crisis that Burma faces to day in the different sectors of 
commerce, education, and social welfare cannot be settled 
compartmentally because they are all related. We believe that all these 
problems have come about because of the political system and for the 
sake of unification a political settlement in which all the 
nationalities can participate openly and genuinely is the only way for 
finding a solution.

11. It is totally wrong to believe that the difficulties, problems, 
differences, dissatisfactions that have arisen the political, commercial 
and social welfare sectors of the country can be eradicated by arrests, 
confinement, imprisoning, intimidating, and placing restrictions.
These are methods that will never achieve resolutions, and will never 
achieve advancement.

12. If there is a desire for individual advancement and for the 
country's advancement, the perceptions that one has and the perceptions 
that one's group has adopted must be discarded. the thinking and the 
thinking process must be changed. One must be able to reason and accept 
beneficial outcomes. Actions that are not performed honestly can be 
compared to eating rice that is not properly cooked. They will not only 
produce unacceptable outcomes but will confuse the situation and cause 
suspicion. Only those resolution that satisfy both sides will be 
beneficial for both.

13. It must be accepted that the building of a society that will prosper 
and a country that  will advance must be by " cooperation ". 
Construction should  be by " cooperation and not confrontation". 

14. Differences in opinion should not be seen as opposition or a means 
of working against a person. A differing viewpoint should not be seen as 
insubordination. One must learn to respect another person's opinion and 
work through the differences so that a beneficial outcome can be 

15. The desire to arrest,  imprison, and restrict people because of the 
country's problems must be extricated and replaced with a reasoning, 
pure and mature mind that will honestly cooperate and impartially 
consult and resolve disputes. We can start with a valuable clean page in 
the history books and nobly and courageously resolve to work towards a 
resolution. Only then will the country advance forward.

16. Today, all of us have an obligation to the 1920 student and the 
heroes of the national movement who won our independence. Accepting this 
responsibility we should join hands and unite with the National League 
for Democracy in the struggle against  the illegal and unjustifiable 
subjugation of the people and to free ourselves from this political 
system and establish a stable and prosperous country that practices 
genuine democracy. We call upon all citizens to unite with us and 
shoulder this responsibility equally and march towards the goal of 
genuine democracy.

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

13 November 1998.

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