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Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi's speech on Na

Subject: Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi's speech on National Day in English

Address by
the General  Secretary of the National League for Democracy
on the occasion of the
78th anniversary of the National Day of Burma
observed on the tenth waning day of  Tazaungmone (1360 B.E.)

The National Day of Burma is a day of special significance and today we 
have evidence of the fact that politics can not be separated from 
education. Just as politics relates to national stability and 
advancement, education relates to the growth and maturity of the 
perceptions and reflections of the people of a nation. The only thing 
that can bring about a correct educational system is a correct political 
system. Only when the educational system is correct, a firm political 
system can be established and flourish. 

The 1920 students strike was the result of the perception that a 
colonial system of  education which perpetuates a slavish mentality was 
unacceptable. The next step was the growing conviction that there was a 
need for a system where the people can obtain the education necessary to 
advance in a modern world and to function as an independent country. As 
a result of this thinking, it was possible for the creation of national 
schools which produced leaders of our independence. 

After gaining independence, we have gone back to an educational system 
that does not even reach the standard we had under the colonial system 
and this is because the political and educational systems are wrong. 
Inadequate books and resources, inferior teaching methods, the haphazard 
mode and manner of examinations are the result of bad administration. 
The long periods of  closure of universities is the result of a bad 
political system. The bad administration and bad political system get 
worse from day to day. The youth of the country face a bleak and 
uncertain future.

Out of consideration for the future of our country we must head towards 
an independent and modern system of education. Independent and modern 
thoughts and ideas can flourish only in a free and independent society. 
An oppressed and subjugated society will produce the slavish mentality. 
It is not true education when the goal is to perpetuate an 
administrative system that is counter to the peoples' wishes. It will 
not produce and loyal citizens.

To obtain stability and a position in keeping with current times and to 
facilitate the creation of a new system of education we must all strive 
for a democratic system of government in Burma. The political system and 
the educational system can not be separated. Democracy cannot be 
separated from student concerns.

On this the 78th anniversary of our National Day, let us all make this 
pledge that we will unite and work together achieve success in the 
democracy movement and the students movement.

Success to democracy! It is a nation's concern. it is a students' 

National League for Democracy

13 November 1998   

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